Today was the third day in a row that my internet has not been working, apart from not being able to work I realise how cut off I feel, from this site, from facebook, from… anyway its back (a tree crushed the cable btw!). So I thought I would mention what I have been up to today – I decided in the name of research to visit a few of the playgrounds in the area that I have not been to before. Earlier this week I went to Clifton Gardens Playground which was a fantasic morning out with the kids and my mums group. Brilliant playground and a stunning setting, and best of all a place to get coffee.

This morning I started at Baranbali Playground, My son who is 3 seemed to enjoy himself although most of the time he was trying to climb the climbing net which was far too difficult for him. My 1.5yr Daughter was totally happy but then she is happy with a couple of steps to climb up and down on – over and over again.

Overall I would say it is not a park to go out of your way for, it is much more of a neighbourhood playground. And there were no toilets and there was no where to get coffee close by…. so in a quest for a coffee and a place I could take my 2 kids I decided to go to Freshwater.

On may to a cafe near Freshwater Beach called Pilu I decided to visit a new playground on Palomar Parade. I had read about it in the Manly Daily and from the pictures it looked like a fun playground. This is another neighbourhood playground but with some different play equipment and a very fast slide – my daughter did a couple of unhappy face plants and she needed a lot of help getting up onto the slide, but my son loved it all.

We then we went for a snack at Pilu Cafe, I managed to have a relaxing coffee while my 2 played on the slide at the small beach playground. There is a larger playground a short walk away on Gore Street, which will entertain for longer but I thought three playgrounds was enough for one morning.