Storage boxes I love a good storage box. I must say I am quite particular when it comes to storage in general but since having kids, it’s the storage of toys that has become my obsession. I seem to spend my life picking up bits of plastic…

My husband’s philosophy is to sweep it up, literally, with a brush and dump it all into one container. However, as the mum at home, that becomes a false economy. I need to know where things are in a spilt second. If my daughter asks, where is Elsa’s shoe one more time today then I think I will scream. You will find that as your children get older, the bits of plastic become smaller and harder to locate. So I recently went on a bit of a storage mission.

A trip to storage kings, Ikea and I bought a great storage bench which for just over $100 keeps the ghastly bits of big plastic out of the way. It’s got one very deep drawer so can hold a vast array of plastic paraphernalia or two small children comfortably. The top also serves as a good play table or bench. The one problem is that the small storage boxes which fit neatly inside from Ikea are not very durable.

3 Sprouts box

3 Sprouts box

A search on the internet and I came across this great company Coolkidz, distributors of many new children’s and baby brands including UPPAbaby, Goumi, 3 Sprouts, Blooming Bath, Jellystone Designs, Bebe au Lait, Mima, Bosom Buddy and Baby Buddy. It was the 3 Sprouts storage boxes which caught my eye. They have a wide range of practical boxes and organisers with fun designs. At $34.95 the storage boxes are more expensive than the Ikea range but are a lot more sturdy. The principle is the same: a flat pack which you open out to form a square box. The sides are reinforced with cardboard and the fabric cover is thick so it is very rigid. There is no zip which is an improvement on Ikea (zips always break). The various animal designs are appliqued in felt and they look really nice in a room or storage cubby. Too good to be hidden away in the storage bench so I got a few of the cheap Ikea ones for that job and the 3 Spouts Kangaroo design looks great in the kids bedroom and serves as a practical organiser for all the dress-up things.

The other really great storage idea from 3 Sprouts worth a mention is the storage caddy . This caddy is the perfect organiser for all of those nursery items which I seem to chase from room to room. It has a large central storage area for nappies and then smaller side pockets for nappy bags, nappy cream and baby wipes. A great all in one solution. Again the bright, fun bumble bee design makes it a good on the shelf item.

Now for all the little things, a three pack of small stackable storage boxes ($4.99) again from Ikea for all the doll clothes. Anna and Elsa have their own box now for boots, gloves, crowns etc. Then the larger box from the same range ($6.99) with individual compartments and a lid. This makes a brilliant box for all the other dolls’ crowns, brushes and shoes. It is now actually satisfying packing all these items away.

A great purple sewing box from Lincraft for all her beads and threads.* A couple of the big plastic storage boxes which go under the bed which you can pick up cheaply from Coles or Big W and we are now a super organised house.

* I didn’t spend $34.99 on a sewing box, the one I bought was around $11.99 but it doesn’t seem to exist online so this is just to give you an idea