A Place to Go In Bad Weather?

The Melbourne weather has been freezing cold lately and taking Cherry for a lovely stroll down to the park is out of the question. Instead, I’ve had to get creative and think of great indoor activities to keep her mind stimulated.

There’s only so much ABC2 I can take!

It’s been years since I last visited the Melbourne Aquarium and thought it would be a fun outing for Cherry and Me on this cold Winter’s day.


Penguins! Sharks! Jellyfish and more…

Cherry absolutely loved seeing the penguins and now is penguin obsessed.

She can’t yet pronounce penguins so she calls them wella-wellas. So cute. We bought her a wella-wella soft toy from the souvenir shop and she insists on taking it everywhere we go.


We spent ages in the tunnel just watching the underwater world go by.


Some tanks were neon lit so the jellyfish looked phosphorescent! How cool would these look in our house!

For more information on the Melbourne Aquarium, visit www.melbourneaquarium.com.au

Photo credit: cherryandme.com