Neuro-psychologist and author of books on child development Sally Goddard Blythe has warned that too much time in a buggy can hamper the development of attention and balance skills of children.

Speaking at a conference staged by the charity WATCh? (What About the Children) last week Blythe argued that an over-reliance on prams and strollers – particularly those that face forward – reduces the time children spend interacting with parents or exploring freely.

This, she claims, has a knock on effect, hampering their speech and physical skills.

I still put my four year old in a buggy. I use it as a safety device. I use it out of convenience. I also have a two year old and I just need somewhere to put them both.

I use the buggy everyday for journeys to the shops, the park, the beach and preschool. I could not live without it. I don’t have the time or energy to let two kids walk everywhere. It takes us 20 minutes to walk to the corner shop.

I think mums have enough on their plates without professional psychologists further adding to their concerns.

I agree on the importance of playtime, keeping your kids healthy and active and the research regarding crawling for brain development is well regarded. However, I think most mums (please correct me if I wrong) would struggle to keep a three or four year old in a pram all the time. Even my two year old wants. I think we use them as a tool to get to that morning activity, to get a toddler to sleep or to get the afternoon’s chores done in 20 mins not two hours.

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