Babies and Toddlers is proud to help promote Australia’s first crowdfunding campaign for premature and sick babies.


Ruby’s Story

Ruby had her baby Dominic at 26 weeks whilst on holiday in Adelaide. He was a tiny 1040gm. She was distraught and alone.  We (Life’s Little Treasures) received a phone call on our 24-hour support line; we could hardly understand her, as she was crying so much.  Her husband had to return to their home in NSW to work and care for their other son. She was facing 4 months or more alone in Adelaide.

We were able to put her in touch with our Adelaide counselor and provide her with a Precious Prems Pack. The only accommodation the social workers at hospital could find her was a 2-hour trip away. We were able to put her in touch with a group who found her closer accommodation, so Ruby could be with Dominic all day.

After a 14 hour day by his bedside she was forced to leave him. Would Dominic be alive when she returned? Was it her fault? How would she cope alone? We were able to provide support, understanding and financial assistance.


Life’s Little Treasures Foundation

45,000 babies like Dominic are born premature or sick every year in Australia.

That is 45,000 families thrust into an unknown world with a thud, desperate for information, understanding, education, and hope.

Life’s Little Treasures was founded 10 years ago by mothers in this exact situation: to provide the emotional support and services not offered by the hospitals (whose main concern is medical to keep the babies alive).  Support groups both in hospital and at home, a 24 hour support line with trained counsellors, books, apps, webinars, education and financial help are just some of the services we provide.

Times are tough in the Charity Sector, with many charities fighting for the supporter dollar. Innovative ways to raise funds are being used to attract donors, such as the ALS  #Icebucketchallenge, or the #nomakeupselfie campaign for Cancer.  Crowdfunding, typically used by entrepreneurs to fund start-ups and product development, but new to the charity sector in Australia, is our choice of campaign.

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is launching our first Crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness of premature birth in Australia and to raise funds for LLTF to provide critical support and hope to families across Australia. We are using the not for profit crowdfunding platform Chuffed with a target of $20,000 in the next 40 days.

Who: Life’s Little Treasures Foundation

What: Chuffed Crowdfunding Campaign

When: for the next 40 days


Why: To raise awareness of the increase of premature babies and raise $20,000