We have just come back from a snowy, cold Winter in the UK. So leaving the house meant layers, coats, scarf, gloves and hats. Every time the kids complained, I reminded them that at least they don’t need to wear sunscreen. Both my kids detest wearing sunscreen, not the feel of the cream but the process of applying it. They squirm, wiggle, run away. We have a daily battle which infuriates me and annoys them and puts all of us in a bad mood.

Although it’s technically Autumn here in Australia we have had some very hot days. Instead of gloves and scarfs; sunscreen and sun hats are back on the agenda.

I realise I need a better system that just pinning them down while the squirm which increase the likelihood of me missing key spots like ears and them rubbing it into their eyes.

I really like Banana Boat’s SPF 50+ Collection of roll ons, pump sprays and clear spray for babies and children. The roll on is ideal for use all over the body but it’s great for the face. The cream is not too runny so what I really like about it is the targeted application and that it does not run into eyes. The 75ml size works well for a quick morning application and while out and about as it is compact enough for a handbag or nappy bag. My little boy also like the idea that he can ‘draw’ on himself with it so often I let him do his own face, arms and legs. Takes a bit longer but less squirming and screaming.

The clear spray is good for a swift all over leg/arm/back of the neck application before the school/nursery run. I can do this while they are distracted, cleaning teeth or putting on shoes. I also like the fact that it locks so that there are no spray in the face incidents. The finger pump spray is less successful in our house as someone tends to loose or bites the spray but the trigger pump spray is good for the kids to apply themselves or even each other!

I am all about convenience and ease. So now we are nearly out of nappies and I don’t have to lug a huge bag around with me, then I just take the roll on. It’s light consistency means I am more than happy to use it on myself as a top up during the day.

The range is reasonably priced ranging from $10.49 RRP for the 75ml roll on  to $17.49 RRP for the 240mL finger spray 240mL and trigger spray.

All the Banana Boat range is SPF 50+ offering protection against both UVA and UVB rays for up to 4 hours and is water resistant. So as a parent you can feel confident that your baby/child is getting the sunscreen protection they need against the harsh Australian sun.

For more product information, sun safety tips, advice and sun education tools, visit www.bananaboat.com.au.

For stockist inquiries please phone 1800 810 310