Babies & Toddlers is delighted to support personal trainer and head coach of the Manly Beach Running Club, Joe Ward in his ‘bananas challenge’.

Joe has set himself the challenge of running the Great North Walk, the 250 km trail joining Sydney to Newcastle fuelled on bananas to raise funds for Bear Cottage children’s hospice in Manly, NSW.

Vegan, Ward is a huge advocate of the health benefits of bananas and eats around six bananas a day as part of his daily diet. For this challenge he is working alongside nutritionist Alison Dear to eat a balanced banana-based diet. Joe will eat 30 bananas a day for 30 days, that’s 900 bananas in a month.

Joe will be running non-stop, with Australian ultra running champ Allison Lilley, as part of the Bear Cottage Superhero Week (22-26 July 2013). If the Joe and Allison complete the run in under 80 hours they will set a new world record for a mixed duo running the Great North Walk.

Ward is being sponsored in bananas by Pacific Coast Eco Bananas, growers and producers of the ecoganic Red Tip Banana based in Innisfail, North Queensland, Australia.

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Bear Cottage Superhero Week (22-26 July 2013). Bear Cottage is a children’s hospice in Manly NSW dedicated to caring for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Bear Cottage does not receive any recurrent government funding and so continues to rely on donated funds and community support to raise over $3.2 million required to operate each year –