If you are looking for a place where you can go with your kids, Australia is the best. However, when you have a baby or toddler to take care, the trip can be very difficult. You might have a number of tensions, such as what to do if your baby cries or screams or whether the formula for your baby is allowed there and how to manage your kids during the trip.

All these thoughts might make you quite nervous. But if you plan everything in advance, you can enjoy the vacation along with your kids. Chart out an effective travel plan in such a way that you can devote most of your time to take care of your baby. You can bring your own baby food or if you are sure it might not be allowed then you can find some at the air side of the international airports. You can also order for some post weany foods for your kids if they are 1 year or more.

General tips while travelling with a baby:

Make sure you store napkins, wipes, towels and food bags under the seat so that you can change the diaper and feed your baby easily at times of need. You can have some snacks and sippers with you as you cannot breast feed them very often. Also remember to have a baby backpack to carry your toddler or baby so that you can wheel your trolleys.

You can also approach a travel company and ask them to book your tickets in an airline where you can get a seat with bassinet. As there are only a few available, a travel company would help you find best airline service. Limit the number of toys you bring as the airlines would offer you a baby bag that might have some fascinating toys.

This would make your baby occupied as the toys are new to him or her. Also don’t forget the ear plugs for your baby, which would defend the noise of takeoff or landing.

Best places to travel:

There are some best places to travel with your baby in Australia that do not need you to rush up and you can enjoy with your kids at your own pace.


This is the best place to visit in Australia with your baby as the lush green surroundings and natural beauty are extremely soothing and calming. The cool climate of the region, modern amenities and quiet locations have made it very popular among the parents of the toddlers and babies. The laid back pace of this place offers you enough time to take care of your baby while you enjoy the beauty of national parks and wildlife. Mt. Field national park and Hobart below the Mount Welling ton are beautiful and you can take a stroll there by taking your baby in a pram or stroller.


Make sure you feed your baby during takeoff and landing while flying to Tasmania as it would help you diminish the air pressure and soothe the earache. It would also prevent dehydration in your baby.

Byron Bay in North East of New South Wales:

This region boasts of comfortable temperature, which is not too warm or too cold and that is why it is ideal for your baby or toddler. The location has a mix of trendy and traditional culture infused in its restaurants, food and walk away. This location also has a slow paced look that makes it better for parents who come here along with their little ones. You can also buy a lot of handmade clothes, accessories, toys and goods here.


Make sure you draw the curtains in full as the early sunshine here is so bright that it might disturb your baby’s sleep. Avoid travelling during the months of November and December as the area can get too noisy with lots of active events, which is not favorable for the babies.

Sunshine coast:

This is the most comfortable destination to go with babies, toddlers and kids as the warmth of the region is very soothing. You can take your babies for a stroll in a pram or let them enjoy on the grass of the parks. You can find lots of activities for your baby namely the cruises on the calm river, which helps you and your baby to enjoy.


The sun rays can be a bit harsh sometimes. Don’t forget to use a sunscreen and Prams or strollers with a sun canopy.

Article by Melissa is a mum and travel addict from Australia. She usually keeps her stories and travel experience for friends and family only. However this time she made an exception and shared her story with us. Its important to add that Gold Coast is one of the most sought out holiday destinations in the world, so make sure you find one of the many Gold Coast holiday deals out there before everything is booked.