Birth Boot Camp: Review and Interview

There’s a new online birthing class on the scene that’s getting a bit of attention, so I thought I’d see what all the fuss is about.

Below is a video interview with creator Donna Ryan and I have also gone through the online course myself.

Basically, I wanted to know if this is just another birthing class that’s been copied and rehashed from others online or is it something I would do myself or recommend to friends?

It’s called Birth Boot Camp.

It’s delivered by Donna Ryan, who is well known in the birthing industry from her blog Banned From Baby Showers plus 8 other women including lactation consultants, doulas, childbirth educators and midwives.

Just to set the scene, I am coming from a HypnoBirthing background. I used hypnosis in childbirth for both my babies and use hypnotherapy for myself regularly, so I have to say at first I was a little worried I may not like it, because of certain phrasing and wording. I believe that even the most well meaning people (including medical professionals) can influence our childbirth experience in a negative way because of their wording and emphasis on what may go wrong.

Also … to me, the term “Boot Camp” indicates hard work … so I automatically thought “Uh Oh … that’s not how I want to envisage my labour” … because during my pregnancies I did a lot of training to reprogramme my mind to believe that birth can be comfortable. When your mind starts to believe birth is normal and even beautiful your body’s hormones will follow and potentially help you experience a more positive birth.

However, as I went through the videos I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of positive information that I believe will really empower women with thorough and easy-to-understand information. This course will make you feel much more confident about your body, your baby and also give you the confidence to make decisions with your care provider should an unexpected situation arise.

I also re-anchored the title “Birth Boot Camp” to mean that you need to do the training and work prior to your babies birth … and by doing this your birth will be easier and more comfortable.

The course is delivered over 10 weeks (although you can watch them whenever you want) in a video format with extra links and resources at the end of each class. The videos are almost documentary style, so it’s not just one person sitting there talking for an hour or so for each lesson. There’s interviews with obstetricians, midwives and other birth professionals, which gives the program a lot of credibility.

There’s also a lovely designed workbook plus breastfeeding DVD.

I like the way the workbook is designed to flow perfectly with each week’s lessons. It also has a weekly “Chow Chart” which I thought was really cute and helps keep you accountable in terms of your pregnancy diet.

The price of Birth Boot Camp is USD $295, which I think is very reasonable. You can pay anywhere from $200-$700 for live group or private classes.

When I was pregnant I paid around $500 the first time for my course and about $300 for a resfresher for my 2nd baby.

I believe birthing classes are invaluable, but if you’re not sure it would be money well spent, I ask you to think about whether you and your baby are worth it? I want to answer this authentically and remember that you only get to have this birth with this particular baby ONCE!

I’m only saying this because I am so grateful with ALL MY HEART that I found positive natural birthing classes that literally transformed my life.

I have the most beautiful memories of the days my babies were born and I want that for you too.

And … no, I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a perfect birth, but I can guarantee you’ll approach your birth with more confidence, less fear and much better odds of having a safe, natural birth.

While reviewing Birth Boot Camp I also interviewed creator Donna Ryan … watch it now!