UK Parenting channel Stork TV has presented the weirdest parenting trends for 2015. From dieting in the third trimester, to birthing bikini outfits and botox and blow dries in the delivery room. News of these fads make me, not only concerned for the children of these parents but also for the mums themselves, when the reality of parenthood kicks in. I remember getting a home visit from the Cats Protection League and being interviewed, when we wanted to adopt a cat but any one can have a baby – there are no rules or regulations.

I loved Kate Middletons’ post-baby blow dry as much as the next mum but I understood why she need to do it…us mortal mums are not presented to the world hours after giving birth. We can’t entirely blame celebrities, or the media (and social media) or even the ignorance of a pregnant woman who thinks that 1200 calories a day is acceptable just so she can get back into a bikini within six weeks. I wonder what information these women are getting while preparing for pregnancy, labour and parenthood. NCT classes in the UK are expensive and the NHS antenatal programme, like the ones in Australia, are optional. Perhaps they should be mandatory!

Other trends predicted by Stork TV are gender neutral parenting – in principle I am not opposed to gender neutral toys but when taken to extremes, like refusing to tell the child what sex they are, then it’s just plain bonkers.

Women having children over 45 is part of the society we live in and yes like all these things they are an individuals’ choice but labour videos from the business end and freaky new born dolls of your own child or 3D mini-me models…why? Having a baby is expensive enough without wasting thousands on the latest fad.

The trend that takes the award for the most unrealistic is expectant mothers planning fashionable birthing outfits (think frilly skirts and bikini tops).

Who are these people? And who are they listening too? Surely not friends who have already had babies or their mums? The best bit of advice I got from my friend was pack a black pair of old track suit bottoms in your hospital bag. Any mum who has had a natural birth will understand the practicality of this essential!

If you can get over the crazy bird characters then watch the Stork TV video for more parenting trends.

I am an advocate of the Final Trimester Fat Belly Diet not the Final Trimester Flat Belly Diet. I wish these mothers would get over themselves and think about the reality of what is going to happen when they get the baby home. For those that don’t know yet, the reality of motherhood is sleep deprivation, cake and crying.

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