News stories all around Australia reflect the downfall of the small retailer.

One woman sees a way out of this by combining the strength of many into one, making the customer buying experience, a full spectrum event.

Enter Kids Style Hub

a bricks and mortar retail store and online store dedicated to showcasing emerging home grown talent. But it doesn’t stop there, Kids Style Hub also houses a gallery for photographers and artists, a kids party / multi function room, a photo studio and a huge open plan back area called The Picnic Room, a space where parents and kids can eat, play, learn and most importantly, relax.

Kids Style Hub Shop

Supporting Work at Home Mums

The theory behind this new concept is that everyone can help support each other. By designers banding together to showcase their work, customers are given a unique wide range of products to choose from, customers who shop at KSH are helping support work at home mums much like themselves rather than overseas multi-billion dollar companies.

With so many new mumpreneurs out there, all struggling to get noticed and sell their products, the traditional methods just aren’t enough anymore. Boutique market and online stores are fantastic and very popular these days but most of these selling methods ask that mumpreneurs pay a set fee, even if you don’t sell anything. Offering a risk free option to showcase products is just what the new wave of designers has been crying out for. KSH offers designers a chance to get their products noticed and sold, without having to spend money to make money.

Fairy Tea Party

It also means Mumpreneurs can take a bit more time back for themselves. Many women who start their own businesses do so because they want more time to themselves and to spend on their family. But running a business can sometimes lead to more time than a normal day job.

Mums are a powerful force and are already recognized as the leaders of the consumer world. Without Mums spending and chatting and recommending, most businesses would collapse.

Better Shopping Experience for Mums

So it’s about time someone thought about making their shopping experience better
How many stores can you walk into with a double pram and still glide easily around?
How many stores can you put your little one down off your hip to touch and experience products without worrying that they will break anything?
How many stores is there a room just for you and the kids to relax in and take the time you need to change, feed, chat and take a breather from that hectic life they call motherhood?

Kids Style Hub is located in Hawthorn at 436 Burwoord Rd, Melbourne and is open 7 days a week, 24 hours online – see Kids Style Hub website for more details or review them on Babies and Toddlers.

Nicole Herrick

About the Founder

Nicole Herrick has a background in business management, graphic design, clothing design, photography and has also worked in the architecture and interior design industry for many years.

Kids Style Hub was researched and developed by Nicole over a 12 month period prior to opening to ensure feasibility.

Nicole also owns two children’s clothing brands.