Family Holiday Accommodation

When planning your family holiday there are so many different types of accommodation to choose including: camping grounds (tent, caravan or chalet), family hostels, B&B’s, motels, hotels, family resorts, self-contained apartments/villas, and cruise ships.

How do you choose the right place for your family?

First decide:

The type of accommodation that you require (see above list). This will depend on:

    1. Where you are going?
    2. Why you are going? Visiting family, sightseeing, relaxation.
    3. When are you going? Is it summer or winter?
    4. What are you doing when you get there?
    5. How long are you going for?
    6. And then there is the BUDGET which ultimately will make the final choice for you.

Tips for choosing the best family accommodation:

There are a lot of points here to consider, I start by looking at the facilities an accommodation offers and if it meets my needs I move on to rooms and restaurants.

Most of these points can be answered by visiting the accommodations website or reading reviewer forums (just be wary of forums as some people only write a review to express disappointment and not mention the positives.)

One of the most important things to find out: Is your accommodation family friendly?

    1. Choose a place that will suit all ages of your family and that will comfortably fit all your family.
    2. Can they provide baby services such as cots, highchairs, food warmers and babysitters? Book these items when you book your accommodation.
    3. If you are spending alot of time at your accommodation do they have kids clubs or other activities that are appropriate for the ages of your children?
    4. Do they have children’s meals in the restaurant?
    5. Is there a supermarket nearby to buy supplies?
    6. Remember that hotel restaurants and mini bars are usually more expensive than if you go out. So check what restaurants will be nearby or consider a self-contained apartment, the extra cost may be worth it.

The price of accommodation will alter according to the season either: low, shoulder or high.

      1. To find good priced accommodation choose to travel in low or shoulder seasons.
      2. Watch your local travel sections in the paper for specials.
      3. Like and Follow: travel agents, airlines, cruise lines etc. They advise subscribers of coming sales before advertising.
      4. Usually the earlier you book the better the deal.

Consider safety when choosing your accommodation

      1. Check the room on arrival and have socket protectors (or prearrange with the hotel if travelling overseas.)
      2. Move sharp items in the kitchen up high.
      3. Use bottled water for brushing teeth.
      4. Lock balcony doors if you have toddlers.

How are you getting to your accommodation?

      1. Will you need parking or a shuttle?
      2. Is there public transport nearby?
      3. How expensive is a taxi?

Go to the accommodation’s website and look at photos, room layout, in-room facilities and accommodation amenities.

By taking the time to research your accommodation you are on the way to a great family holiday!

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