I was not one of the thousands (maybe millions) to do the icebucketchallenge and any picture of me is a nomakeupselfie but a viral campaign to raise awareness of child abuse I will participate in.

This morning the Australian Childhood Foundation’s (http://www.childhood.org.au/) patron and Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has launched #NOTANOTHERCHILD. The viral campaign is designed to raise broad awareness of child abuse in our communities and work towards ensuring #NOTANOTHERCHILD suffers.

With almost 40,000 Australian children sleeping away from their own bed every night out of fear of abuse, neglect or family violence, #NOTANOTHERCHILD aims to encourage and empower Australians to become part of a movement aimed at preventing more children suffering the trauma and pain of abuse.

To kick off the campaign, Chris will be uploading a positive image of himself as a kid across his social media platforms and the Australian Childhood Foundations Facebook Page with the hashtag #NOTANOTHERCHILD. By sharing images of positive moments from his own childhood as a symbol of what traumatised children need now – experiences of love, care and security so they can thrive.

Australian Childhood FoundationWe would invite Babies & Toddlers readers to do the same by following the below steps:

1. Find a positive photo of yourself as a kid
2. When using Facebook, ‘LIKE’ the Australian Childhood Foundations page and @tag into your post
4. Tag your friends to encourage them to get involved
5. Upload photo across your social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook)

Research found that 90% of Australians identify that the community needs to be better informed about the issue of child abuse. For this reason, individuals are also invited to sign up as a Childhood Campaigner and be prepared to spread the word about the problem of child abuse. The Australian Childhood Foundation will provide information, resources and activities to support them to raise awareness about the problem of child abuse and help their networks to take action to create a safer community for all children.

Head to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zbw0fbM8G_4 which features Chris in the newly launched community service announcement which tells the story of child abuse from the perspective of those most affected – children.

Social media is increasing becoming a very powerful tool for charities to raise awareness of their campaigns. I just hope that these viral campaigns do more than raise short-term awareness but are a step towards long-term change and engagement in the charity’s cause.

For those wanting to take action and donate – they can head to: http://www.childhood.org.au/donate