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Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga , North shore sydney

St. John's Uniting Church Hall, 13 Stuart St, Wahroonga NSW 2076, Australia

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About Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

Terpsichore Dance Company is a new dance studio located in Wahroonga in the North Shore area of NSW. We cater our wahroonga dance classes in several styles to all ages and ability levels. Our focus is teaching dance techniques, dance performance, safe dance, dance history and nurturing the love of dance. Our objective is to provide high quality dance education in a warm and friendly environment.
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Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga located NSW , Sydney , North shore sydney

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7 reviews

  1. Jenny Chambers, December 8, 2012 11:04 am business - Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

    I just wanted to say to everyone looking for a dance for their child or themselves that the recital on Thursday night was awesome!! The adult performers did what I think many parents who danced when they were younger really want to do and were fantastic, the children of varying ages were gorgeous. The costumes were professional and very appropriate, and the kids were, well – they were nervous I am sure, but performed so well and with such confidence that the time went by so quickly.

    Jess does have boundaries in place for her students, as I think anyone would expect, and there is also the expectation that not only the children but the parents respect each other and others. At times this means that the children do get into trouble, but dancing does require a sense of discipline which leads to a building of self esteem and confidence.

    My son, daughter and I will be dancing with TDC next year. My son will be doing boys only Jazz, my daughter ballet and Jaz and myself jazz. I would leave the dance school if there was no discipline, if my children were told they were perfect all the time and if there was not an expectation to respect others and to improve but to achieve this whilst having fun and learning the wonderful fun of dance.

    It is a shame there is an anonymous negative review of the dance school. Jess has concern for the safety, well being and happiness of all her students. If she didnt there would be no TDC. I have danced myself and I can say that the expectations of behaviour of parents and students is certainly not unreasonable. My experience has been fun and positive and it was something I wanted to share after the wonderful recital in the week just gone.

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  2. Linda, December 8, 2012 8:27 am business - Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

    I had my first experience of dancing in a TDC concert on 6/12 (after dancing for 17 years) and it was the most fantastic & enjoyable time!! As a mother of 2, seeing all the beautiful smiles on the kids faces was just priceless!! You can tell the kids love miss Jess & seeing the pride and joy on the parents faces just shows how happy they are to have their child part of a very special dance school!
    I’ll be sending my daughter to the dance school next year. I can’t wait to be part of the dance family!!
    Miss Jess is a wonderful & caring dance teacher that is a unique find in the world of dance!
    Thank you :)

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    • Linda, December 8, 2012 8:41 am business - Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

      Something went wrong with my post and if I could have more than 5 stars I would.

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  3. Sah B, December 7, 2012 11:11 pm business - Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

    A professional dance school that caters for all ages and abilities. Jessica the principal and teacher creates a caring environment where the children have fun, learn and develop skills and technique In dance and musicality.
    If your child has a passion for dance then TDC is the dance school you should be enrolling them into!

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  4. Danielle, December 7, 2012 10:50 pm business - Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

    Our family has been fortunate to have been apart of the wonderful TDC family from its inception. I have two girls who have been nurtured and given the attention they have needed by Miss Jess during each class they attend to become confident dancers and performers. Having been a dance teacher and dance student for over 22 years my experiences with TDC in comparrison with all other dance schools and their teachers has been the most positive and nurturing environment I have seen. I would recommend people reading the comments from the parent who obviously is unhappy with TDC to not lay judgement until you experience TDC for yourself.

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  5. R.C - worried mother, December 7, 2012 10:12 pm business - Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

    Jessica is not very child friendly and she does everything to suit her own interest. The studio is not focused on the needs of the children and I was personally disappointed with the experience. Jessica has a very rough approach to both children and parents and the arrogance that she displays is not an attribute I would expect. I would rather recommend Dancemax whom is more caring and professional. Definitely would never return to this dance school.

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    • Jessica, December 7, 2012 10:28 pm business - Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

      Hi R.C.,

      It’s Jessica from TDC, I am very concerned about your feedback regarding our dance classes, especially since this is the first time you have brought it to my attention. I care deeply for all of my students and their dance dreams ensuring that they progress with each class and enjoy learning all styles of dance in a safe and supportive atmosphere. I am very disappointed that you did not approach me with your concerns so that I could try to correct them or we could have a proper discussion about your concerns face to face. I hope that other reading this review will take into consideration that this mother did not approach me with any of this and therefore I never had a chance to discuss this properly. R.C. I would very much appreciate a phone call or a meeting in person to talk about your concerns with our classes.

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  6. F Hunt, July 17, 2012 6:00 pm business - Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

    A really great dance school for all kids of all ranges of ability.
    Miss Jess is a wonderful teacher/principal and creates an environment that pursues the love of dance.
    Also helped us greatly with podiatry referrals for my daughters very sore feet(a developmental problem)
    I hesitate to write such good review as don’t want our little secret to get out
    but TDC is deserving of all praise and the business of any family who simply wants there children to learn and enjoy dance.

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  7. Jessica, June 8, 2012 1:11 pm business - Terpsichore Dance Company – Dance Classes Wahroonga

    Fantastic dance studio offering dance classes in ballet, jazz and tap to children and adults. Check it out!!

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