Discovered a great new swimming pool in Sydney last week. It’s not a new pool, it’s been there since 1999, but it’s new to us.

Cook+Phillip Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre gets a huge thumbs up from the kids. They completely loved it. Designed by the award-winning architects Studio Nield it gets a thumbs up from me on aesthetics too!


It’s very pram accessible. We wheeled the pram down to the landscaped courtyard by the main pool. We even got changed there as the weather was lovely and with two it’s so much easier to avoid changing rooms. There are sunbeds, shaded tables and seats for lunch and water jets for play.

Fun but safe
The kids pool area is fantastic. It consists, a large pool with ‘beach style entry’, a slide, a circular jet-powered pool  which propel you around and a Hydrotherapy pool (33°) with full ramp access.

What I really liked was that the maximum pool depth is 0.9m: perfect, as my three year old felt comfortable all the way round. The shallow areas have spurting water jets so amused the toddler for hours.

The slide isn’t too scary for my three year but the one year old preferred the jets at the bottom. These are great. They are on a seat, like in an adult spa, so you can sit in bubbles and watch your older kids go up and down the slide.

The piece de resistance is that periodically the large pool turns into a wave pool when a blue siren goes off.


For further information on the Cook+Phillip Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre