Decorate your babies room on a low budget

Decorating a nursery should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. You can create a magnificent room for your baby even if you have to work with the confines of a tight budget. The most budget friendly way to decorate your nursery is to do the decorating yourself or get family and friends to assist you.

The walls

Applying paint and wall paper is an easy DIY project. If you select a neutral paint color, you can redecorate the room as time goes by without having to repaint. The same is true for borders that you might want to add to the room. There are many color patterns and themes available that will look great for a nursery and also be appropriate for a young child’s bedroom.

Wall words and wall stickers are a fantastic way to decorate a nursery. This is a budget friendly way to personalize the nursery. Once you begin exploring the many wall sticker designs available, you will be amazed at the creative and expressive opportunities you have. You can easily remove the nursery themed wall stickers and replace them with designs that relate to the updates the decor will go through as your child grows up.
Decorating a nursery

Storage Space

When you first bring your baby home, your nursery will be filled with lots of baby supplies, toys, clothing and bedding. It’s a good idea to design your nursery with shelving and storage type furniture that will enable you to keep the nursery organized. You can often find gently used nursery furniture at consignment shops and yard sales. You may want to repaint some of the furniture and definitely clean it well before putting it in your nursery. It is extremely important that you check recall list to make certain the used items you are buying have not been recalled due to safety issues.

Nursery Accessories

You can find very adorable nursery accessories at department stores, dollar stores and even at discount grocery stores. There’s no need to shop high priced locations to find nursery accessories. Keep in mind, your baby will soon outgrow many of the nursery themed items so spending a large amount on accessories is not frugal.

Nursery AccessoriesThink Outside the Nursery

You can save money on some of the items for your nursery by shopping different areas of the store. Instead of shopping in the baby furniture section for a lamp, go to the lighting section of the store and purchase a lamp with a pink, blue or neutral base. Place it on a table, add some decorative accessories and this less expensive lamp will blend right in with your decor. This same shopping tactic can be used when buying decorative pillows, throws and accent rugs for the nursery.

You’ll need a comfortable rocking chair in the nursery. Check consignment shops and ask family and friends if they happen to have a comfortable rocker stored in a basement or unused room. There’s no need to break the budget in order to have a beautiful nursery.

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