Do pregnancy pillows really help mums-to-be get a better night sleep? We asked two expectant mums, one early on in pregnancy and one late on in pregnancy to test three pillows from Ultimate Pillows. Both reviewers found they really helped but the winner was unanimous with the Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow coming in as favourite showing that small is best when it comes to pregnancy pillows. Read their sleep diaries here:

1. The Ultimate pregnancy and nursing pillow

ultimate pregnanacy pillow


Although The Ultimate can be used long term for breastfeeding, I tried this pillow out in my hours of reaI need, trying desperately to have a much needed decent nights sleep in late pregnancy.  I expected it might make me slightly less uncomfortable but  never believed it would actually help me to sleep through the night without backache, hip ache, heartburn or panic that I’d roll onto my back.  Like many pregnancy pillows, it supports you between your knees, supports your bump and you can wrap your arms around it so your whole spine stays aligned and supported.  What’s different  about The Ultimate however is that it also hooks around at the top so you can use it as a head pillow and it also extends slightly down your back to stop you rolling onto your back if you’re prone to panicking about the health risks of sleeping on your back in pregnancy.

The fibre ball stuffing keeps it’s shape and spring far better than pillows I used in my previous pregnancy and because it’s a hook rather than a full horseshoe shape, it doesn’t take up the entire bed.  I really do credit The Ultimate Pillow with a really great night’s sleep.  In fact the only thing it didn’t help was needing the loo!


I pulled The Ultimate out in late pregnancy, when the aches and pains really started to make themselves known. I found the support The Ultimate provided, particularly between the legs, instantly reduced my hip and backache.

The contoured shape proved very easy to cuddle into, which aided a good nights sleep.

The design, which features a hook shape rather than a full horseshoe, did reduce the space it took up in the bed. Although my husband still likened it to sharing the bed with a whole horse.

2. The snuggle up pregnancy body pillow

snuggle pregnanacy pillow


This pillow is like a big warm hug and it was used in our house on the bed, on the sofa, for reading books on the floor – everywhere and by everyone.  For mums to be, it’s fantastic for sleeping propped up if you’re a heartburn sufferer although beware of your partners reaction to this pillow,  it’s unlikely to be a welcome regular in the bed unless your bed is enormous.  Certainly in our house, by the time I was 30 weeks pregnant I was taking up two thirds of the bed, throwing duvets and covers off and shunning all affection that might make me even hotter so when I waddled into the bedroom completely hidden behind the giant comfy marshmallow, he was less than thrilled!

So in summary, this is a super comfy pillow, very adaptable with lots of uses around the house for the whole family but consider the size of your bed if you’re looking for something for sleeping specifically.


I’ve become a real fidget in bed and getting to sleep involves lots of tossing and turning. For this reason I really appreciated the double-sided design of The Snuggle Up. Which solved the problem of having to haul the pillow, as well as my ever-increasing bump, from one side to the other.

It also made sleeping with Indigestion as pleasant as possible, using it to prop up my upper body.

The only down side is it does take up a lot of space. Just seeing the sheer size of it was enough to make my husband contemplate a night in the spare room.

3. The butterfly pregnancy pillow


butterfly pregnanacy pillowI absolutely loved this brilliant little pillow.  The design is genius, ensuring you remain on your side all night long rather than rolling onto your back as per latest health advice.  The two sides of the pillow support your bump and your back beautifully but it’s so compact you hardly know it’s there and your partner doesn’t feel like there’s an extra person in the bed (or the Great Wall of China as my husband has described some of the bigger pillows I’ve used before).  Since I’ve had my baby it’s also been great as a lumbar pillow for breastfeeding to ensure your spine stays straight and you don’t end up straining your back, neck and shoulders.


In a summer that’s included Sydney’s hottest day on record, The Butterfly pillow was certainly the most welcome in the bed. Its barely there design gave just enough support under my bump to take the load off.

The double sided shape also meant I could fidget as much as necessary, while it stayed firmly in position. Its small size would also make it very easy to store for next time.

For these reasons, this was the pillow that was invited back (by my husband included). And this is the one I will continue to use until the big day comes.


Just so you know… Mum-to Be 1 had a lovely baby girl and Mum-to Be 2 had a baby boy!

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  1. Amily Fox November 22, 2016 at 12:56 am

    Very nicely described the effectiveness of pregnancy pillows! I also prefer using such pillows for every pregnant moms.

  2. Kelvin Martin July 8, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    Pregnancy pillow really do work and beneficial during pregnancy. A pregnant women feel uncomfortable during pregnancy and at that time pregnancy pillow are useful.

  3. Tanya April 30, 2014 at 8:31 am

    As compared to normal pillows, they do work a bit well. However, it greatly depends on personal preference of each women, if she want to use it. In my opinion, boppy and snoogle are the best pillows out there. If any one’s looking for a pregnancy pillow, then you should first look at their reviews before choosing an appropriate one!

  4. Jeane Pillow April 8, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Yes, i really love your review, straight to the point, thanks a lot for this. i think pregnancy pillows really works! because i have been using them several times when ever am pregnant, and it always works wonders in making me stay comfortable.

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