The Dinosaur Zoo show at The Sydney Opera House is not for kids of a nervous disposition but it is a clever, interactive show full of laughs and lessons for brave Dinosaur fans.

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo could be described as The Really Wild Show meets Jurassic Park, on stage. The hands-on show features realistic dinosaur puppets presented by a ‘dinosaur expert’ and ‘dinosaur keepers’ – the puppeteers. The production has toured the world and is at the Sydney Opera House until 19 April.  It’s tailored to an Australian audience by only featuring dinosaurs that were native to Australian 65 million years ago.

We sat three rows back in relative safety but some of the kids at the front had their smiles quickly wiped off their faces when the Australian version of the T Rex came on stage. The fear factor is a credit to the incredible puppets that are so life-like I think a few parents had to double take.

The show was full of surprises. It was endearing how some of the kids totally believed that they were real dinosaurs. In one segment, volunteers on stage, were told to raise their arms above their heads if the dinosaur took a turn (the raison d’etre being that you can live without your arms but not your head!). When the puppeteer made the dinosaur go ‘off script’ every one of the children ran, as quick as their little legs could carry them, to the edge of the stage, froze and raised their hands with a look of blind panic on their faces. I have to confess in feeling a bit of sadistic pleasure at the reaction of my kids to the puppets. It had been a long week! Even older children could not help be caught somewhere between amusement, excitement and sheer terror at the larger puppets.

The production delivers fun, education, surprises and thrills. The comments as we were leaving by parents and children alike were ‘awesome’, ‘amazing’, ‘clever’ and ‘cool’. Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is a really good show which amuses and educates in equal measures. Although, I do have to sign off by saying: that the show is recommended for children 5+  so if your child is under 5 or of a slightly nervous disposition, don’t be put off; just sit well back and don’t let them put their hands up to go on stage as a volunteer.

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