With a New Year upon us, my three daughters and I took to the road heading for Bacchus Marsh. Bacchus Marsh is a large community nestled amongst the hills 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. The area is well known for its orchids and vineyards, parklands and market gardens but we left home with the intention of spending the morning strawberry picking, with our destination was Naturipe Fruits, an orchid where you can pick from a variety of fruits including strawberries, cherries, nectarines and peaches. Located on the enchanting Avenue of Honour just off the freeway, it is easily located and in a picturesque location.

Strawberries  FieldsStrawberries are a favourite in our household but we opted for the punnet (rather than the bucket!) and made our way out into the fields. The girls were thrilled by the freedom, bounding up and down the rows of plants in search of the juiciest, ripest strawberry they could find filling our 2kg punnet rather quickly, however my youngest thought the punnet to be an inconvenience – her mouth was much more suitable! After a little over an hour of wandering the fields, we left the fruit farm with a container filled with beautiful fresh strawberries and some grumbling tummies.

We made our way to Main Street in search of lunch, stumbling upon a very cute Irish Pub – Flanagan’s – in the heart of Bacchus Marsh. Our table was situated in the sun of the street-side beer garden and we enjoyed a divine home-style lunch cooked to perfection. The adorable setting makes you feel at home and the service was exceptional, the girls were doted on and for the first time in a while, I didn’t feel as though my girls were an issue! The building itself has been a part of the town since 1850 and was originally the only coach stop on the road to Ballarat. Her old world charm is still rich in the way she is kept.

Now that our tummies were full we took to the streets meandering through the shops, admiring the old style buildings and churches, chatting with the friendly staff and stopping for coffee and cake at the local café. Returning home, we took the opportunity to take in the beautiful and historic Avenue of Honour. We walked along the path of the Elm and Oak trees that were planted in recognition of those who served in World War One. The tree that still stand there today are a true highlight and a stunning way to line the entrance to such a historic town. The day was enjoyable for all and the rewards we reaped for days to come with delicious strawberries to share. Our day in Bacchus Marsh was wonderful and we look forward to returning soon.