Family Fun at The Local Market

To market, to market… but not to buy a fat pig though.   Mind you, we probably would if there was one for sale. My children would love a little piggy as a pet.

Wherever you live, your local market can make a terrific family expedition.  Ours is the Organic Market held each Sunday at Frenchs Forest. It’s a bustling, busy place with heaps of great food on sale, including lots that we can buy and eat throughout the following week.

There are veggies galore too, and locally grown fruits too. Lots of bread, and gardening stalls and many many other types too.

We usually don’t eat much breakfast before going and hugely enjoyed nibbling on bacon rolls, chili octopus, prawns, muffins, dumplings, sourdough bread and strawberries.  Strawberries!  Grown on the outskirts of Sydney – almost throughout the year – amazing!

local markets

We come home laden with lovely fruit, jam, honey, veggies, cordial, bread and cakes…  Sundays can be a bit of a feast day at our place.

I love the fact that you can chat to the producers of the food, find out all about it, and feel gleeful at sourcing so much food from so close to home.

The stalls make clear what is organic and what is not; many of the non-organic stalls explain that they grow their produce chemical-free though.

There are usually heaps of kids at the markets, some in slings, others in strollers and some toddling along too.  And then the runners, the trotters and the wanderers too.  At the cafe stalls, I saw plenty of mums and dads enjoying a cuppa whilst the kids were kept entertained by large cakes – ideal for all!

To find out where your nearest market is, have a look at the website below:

Liss of the popular Frills In The Hills blog has a good piece about visiting a Farmers Market at:

Happy shopping… and eating!!


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