Too big, too short, too baggy……

My son is very, very skinny. At daycare they were concerned he did not eat enough. He was just too busy to sit down to eat, he would much rather be running around, playing in the sand pit, climbing on the play equipment – you name it anything but sitting down to a meal.  But he obviously eats enough or he would not have any energy at all!

He also gets very, very cold when he goes swimming – now this is probably to do with the lack of any padding keeping him warm. So to encourage him to stay in the sea and outdoor swimming pools for longer than five mins, he has to wear a wetsuit.

He has tried on wetsuits from various surf shops but wetsuits for his age just do not fit. They are too big and baggy around the arms and neck – so all the cold water still gets in.  Wetsuits for a younger age groups are just too short for him. So after a web search, I was very please to come across the ToasTees website.

ToasTees Wetsuits for Skinny kids

ToasTees sell wetsuits and wetsuit tops and shorts for both children and adults but crucially for me, they also have a wetsuit range for skinny kids, the description on the website says:

ToasTees Wetsuits are designed to be almost as light as a Rash vest but keep you warm like a regular wetsuit.

The website has a very handy size chart, where you can measure your child and work out what size is best.  Mine was a combination of a 4 / 5 / 6 yr old!

After asking advice from the people at ToasTees, we were recommended a wetsuit top in a Skinny 6yr size. After ordering the wetsuit online, we received our new, blue wetsuit top only two days later.  I could not wait to try it out and see if I could get my son swimming at the beach.

The wetsuit top fits really well, there were no gaps at the arms and neck, and the great thing is he can grow and it will still fit, whereas a standard wetsuit will become too short after one or two growth spurts!  It zips up at the front and fits snuggly under or over his boardies.

We went down to the beach on a day that was not too warm (25C) at the end of October (we live in Sydney so the sea is still pretty chilly then).  The ToasTees wetsuit top made a huge difference – he went straight in the sea and played in and out of the water for a couple of hours, normally he would be out of the water and wrapped up in a towel pretty quickly.

All in all, a complete success – I might be inclined to couple the wetsuit top with the shorts they sell (they call them Jammers), but my son does not seem at all bothered about his legs.

Family time down the beach just became easier!

ToasTees Product Info:

The Children’s and Adult Ocean series range are made from 0.5mm thick Neoskin TM (100 % SBR Neoprene). Titanium backed to increase warmth by up to 30% and help with removal. Thin, lightweight and coated with 4 way super stretch nylon to achieve the best combination of flexibility and durability. Flat locked stitched with nylon. UPF 50+ in compliance with A S / N Z Standard 4399.

The Skinny kids / special needs kids tops are for very skinny kids or may be suitable for kids with special needs. They are basically the same body and arm length as our regular kids tops but with reduced Neck, Arm, Chest and Waist circumferences.

Kids Wetsuit tops cost $50 and the Jammers are $35.

Buy Online at ToasTees.