Why use Modern Cloth Nappies?

Over 800 million disposable nappies sold in Australia end up in landfill every single year. Each nappy will take up to 500 years to break down. Just imagine the environmental waste these nappies create.

Disposable nappies use water, power and chemicals throughout the manufacturing process. Studies show that reusable nappies use 2.3 times less water and energy. Studies also show that the average temperature of a boy’s testicles in a disposable nappy is 1 degree hotter, which may be linked to increases in infertility and testicular cancer in the last 25 years.

In addition to being better for baby and the environment, another benefit of washable cloth nappies is the financial savings. Disposables will cost you over $3,000 from newborn to toilet training whereas using modern cloth nappies only cost $500 – $1,000 including washing costs. When used for multiple children, the savings dramatically increase.

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How many nappies will I need?

For a full-time system you will need 16 – 20 nappies, if washing every second day. For a part-time system we recommend 8 – 10 nappies.

Even just by using one cloth nappy you are making a valuable difference.


What are the different kinds of Modern Cloth Nappies available?


All In One

  • Sized nappies: these nappies will comes in newborn, small, medium or large. They fit better than one sized nappies but will be less economical as nappies must be purchased throughout the different stages.
  • One Size Fits All/Most: generally fitting babies from approx 3.5kg, these nappies can be slightly bulky when baby is smaller but can be used up to toilet training. Great if you have more than one child in nappies.
  • All In One: these are similar to disposables in that they have a cover and absorbency is built into the nappy. They are extremely easy to use but will take the longest to dry. The inner layer draws moisture away from your baby’s skin.
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All In Two

  • All In Two: these have a cover and a separate snap-in insert(s) which can be replaced when soiled. They are very easy to use and will dry faster than All In Ones. The inner layer draws moisture away from your baby’s skin.
  • Pocket nappy: these have a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer with an opening in the back. The insert is put into this opening ‘pocket’ and boosters can be added to increase the absorbency. The inner layer draws moisture away from your baby’s skin. They are very quick to dry.
Fitted nappy

Fitted Nappy

  • Fitted nappy: these are fully absorbent and are usually made of natural fibres such as bamboo, hemp or organic cotton – however they require a waterproof cover.
  • Prefolds / Flats: these are most similar to the older terry cloth squares but are made of much more absorbent materials. A separate waterproof cover is required.
  • Covers: made of PUL (polyurethane laminate), fleece or wool, they are usually sized and used over fitteds, prefolds or flats.


Where can I see Modern Cloth Nappies in person?

At Mumma Loves Bubba we hold nappy demonstrations in Sydney: either one-on-one or to groups of mothers – at baby showers or playgroups. Booking a demonstration is 100% obligation free and allows you to ask as many questions as you like about Modern Cloth Nappies as well as see the various types of nappies. We only stock reputable, quality brands that you can trust in.

How to use Modern Cloth Nappies

Once the cloth nappies are purchased they must be washed at least 4 times for the fabric insert to reach maximum absorbency.
Cloth nappy
There is no need to rinse or soak the nappy, it can simply be stored in a ‘dry pail’- an empty nappy bucket with a closed lid or even in a wetbag. Rinsing nappies is recommended to prevent stains but stains do come out when the nappy is dried in natural sunlight as the sun acts as a natural bleacher. Do not soak or use chemicals such as Napisan as they will damage the nappy.

Nappies can be washed with an enzyme free detergent and with half the detergent you normally use or even with no detergent as too much detergent will create build up in the nappy and decrease absorbency. Do not use detergents with built in fabric softener, bleach, brighteners or vinegar or dry nappies in the dryer.

What about the poo?

There are laws stating that solid waste must be disposed of in the toilet, regardless of what type of nappy you use, however, most people using disposables don’t bother flushing into the toilet which means that the poo is in landfill instead of the toilet.

Getting rid of the poo is easy. Simply tip the poo into the toilet (use a Little Squirt or pressure sprayer or scraper to help you with the less solid poo). Reusable or biodegradable/flushable liners can also be used to help tip the poo into the toilet. Breastfed poop is organic which means that you can simply put the nappy through the washing machine.

What nappy creams can I use?

Barrier nappy creams such as Sudocrem which contain petroleum or zinc can clog up the nappy and make it waterproof – again resulting in leaks. We recommend using our Grovia Magic Stick or Nature’s Child Bottom Balm or Wonder Balm.

Alternatively you can use pure cornstarch powder (with no wheat).

Where can I buy Modern Cloth Nappies?

Mumma Loves Bubba was created to provide good quality baby products which are not only environmentally friendly but great for mumma and bubba. We have sourced the most absolute baby essentials. We ship straight to your door to make your life easier and simpler with a new bubba in your life.

Mumma Loves Bubba stocks modern cloth nappies and in particular one sized nappies that fit from newborn to toilet training.

Finding the best cloth nappies will depend on your lifestyle and preference. We suggest trialing a few different brands and styles of nappies to see what best suits your needs. A lot of the brands have trial packs which can be an economical way of trying out new styles.

Article written by Sharon Murphy, Owner Mumma Loves Bubba

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About Sharon:

Sharon Murphy never realised until she became pregnant that she was a true hippy at heart. Looking for sustainable, organic baby products for her baby including finding the best modern cloth nappies became a passion and Mumma Loves Bubba was born. The range has expanded into stocking products that are absolute essentials for both mums and bubs.

Based in the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney, she is happily juggling motherhood, work and a husband.

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