Planning a trip to Australia with kids? Great, Australia offers a great deal of destinations for kids while it does for adults and oldies. This amazing country has something to offer for everyone, so there’s no chance of worrying about if your kids would get bored with you on the trip.

But, have you yet rented the car for this amazing trip. It’s unavoidable to have kids who aren’t messy, so you need a vehicle that suit yours and your kids’ requirements. You can buy a used car for sale online, that too of your choice to have a perfect ride for the trip.

So,where do you want to head to—water parks, native wildlife, safe beaches or national parks, here are the list of places you can possibly explore with your kids and have fun.

Leanyer Water Park, Leanyer, Darwin, Northern Territory
This is one of the best water parks in Australia—because it’s freeee, doesn’t cost a cent. Water park plus outdoor playground, Leanyer has three giant water slides, a large toddler pool and all types of gadgets designed to get them all ‘wet and wild’. Your kids will be exposed to all kind of fun slides and activities—from giant bucket that tips over, comical yellow umbrellas with water streaming out, water pistols, water pipes to squirty plastic sprinklers. Kids would love all the fun they’ll have here.

Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Oh, this will be loved by your kids. The wildlife on Kangaroo Island will be wowed by the children. Snorting sea lions, koalas, goannas, echidnas, brushtail possums, swamp rats and badicoots along with six species of bat, wouldn’t it be a ‘pheeew’ moment for your kids. Kangaroo Island also have first rate beaches with Vivonne Bay as the Australia’s top beach declared by Sydney University rating on water clarity and cleanliness. So, a stroll around the topmost beach of Australia won’t be a bad idea for having fun with kids.

Great Barrier Reef
How about introducing your kids to one of the best natural wonders of the world which is also a world heritage. It’s breathtaking beauty stretches over 3000km, between 15 kilometers and 150km offshore. It’s brilliant coral providing divers with the most spectacular underwater experience is absolute adventure. The reef has abundance of coral reef (3000 individual reef systems and 300 coral cays) and picturesque islands with some of the world’s most beautiful golden beaches.

Mt Hotham, Victoria
This is the only snow resort in Australia with its own airport, just 20 km from the slopes-great if your kids aren’t up for a long car ride. It is often sprinkled with the highest annual snowfall of any Victoria resort. If your kids love snow, this is the place to be, pack thick socks and jackets before booking your kids to Hotham Kids Snowzone, where three to five year olds can learn to ski and six to 14 year olds are taught skiing and snowboarding.

Hobart and Richmond, Tasmania
With a promise of wallowing in sugar, Hobart’s Cadbury Factory gives tours of the production line—with Oompa Loompas offering you enough choco samples to keep your kids and you high on chocolates for the rest of your trip. If chocolates didn’t do much for you, head for lollies and sweets to an old fashioned sweet shop in Richmond Village. There, you will see retro glass jars filled with raspberry drops, apple rock and peanut brittle, moreover kids can also take home chocolate covered in freckles.

Hope you have an amazing, memorable and fun trip with your kids. Happy Journey!!

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