A big Babies & Toddlers salute to UK toymaker, Arklu. The people behind the Lottie™ doll,  the first fashion dolls to display childlike characteristics, is helping to end the dearth of female superheroes.

The ‘Super Lottie’ doll is the inspiration of six year old Lily, from Ohio, USA, who created a Superhero outfit design as part of a global competition, independently judged by the Brave Girls Alliance, earlier in the year.

The competition was a result of a campaign launched to demonstrate that girls can be superheroes too.  A poll¹ conducted by Arklu among parents, demonstrated a severe lack of female representation in the world of super-powers, where of the top female superhero characters popularised by comic creators and film-makers, not one could be identified by 100% of respondents. In stark contrast, four male superhero characters could be identified by 100% of respondents; Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Hulk.

As part of her entry, Lily was asked to define Super Lottie’s abilities. Lily’s response was one designed to inspire girls who play with Lottie dolls, to acknowledge and embrace their potential, and accept who they are: ‘Super Lottie has the power to be anything, to do anything, and to make the world a better place. She is unique and special in her own way’.

The doll has also received support from within the comic community.  Sue, who blogs about women in superhero comics at the incredibly popular DC Women Kicking Ass on Tumblr and also maintains Superheroes Are For Girls and This: Moments for Women, is a loud and never-tiring voice for feminism in the cape comics blogosphere, says:“Superheroes are for girls, too. And now with the Lottie doll children can have a female superhero that has realistic body shape. What a wonderful toy.”

Lottie Dolls, which we announced in November 2012 (New Lottie Doll Offers Choice, 2012) feature a healthy childlike body shape, childlike clothing (no make-up, high heels, tattoos, etc) and wholesome activities.

We love a strong female role model at Babies & Toddlers, we think Super Lottie may give Anna a run for her money. Looking forward to seeing her down under soon!