I am very relieved to be starting  a new week. Last week was pretty awful. The kids and I had just got over jet lag. Then, we were kindly greeted with tonsillitis.

One important lesson I have learnt about parenting is never be complacent. Just when you think you have cracked something another thing goes wrong.

Regular readers will know that sleeping is a big issue in my little family. Most nights end up in musical beds. The snoring husband gets kicked out into the lounge, the little man normally wakes up around 3am and comes into bed with me.

So, despite my better judgement, I set aside the complacency rule and high fived that we had two nights running of both kids sleeping through in the same room. A first in nearly two years!

That will teach me to be smug! Around 9pm, my husband had to tear himself away from Entourage (nearly finished season 8) to check on a slightly distressed little girl. When the slight wingeing escalated to full scale hysterical screaming (which woke the little man) I entered. I am definitely not complacent when it comes to my kids health but I am a bit guilty of putting everything down to teething with my little one.

Nurofen to the rescue

My three year old can communicate whether it is ear ache or some other ailment.  But it’s hard to know what’s wrong with a one year old. So I was pleased to discover a new practical guide to parenting and kids health from Nurofen for Children called Unravelling the Magic of Discovery: A parents’ guide to supporting child development.

This evening was evidently no normal night waking and both kids were hot but not burning up. A quick glance at the guide, (which addresses how to deal with a fever), and I entered armed with two syringes full of painkiller.

The guide covers, as you would expect from Nurofen pain relief and how to recognise and treat common illnesses. But it also has tips on eating habits, toliet training and developmental play. There is a scary, in the sense that I hope I never have to refer to it, but very important Visual Resuscitation Plan. The guide is broken down into age groups and milestones so is a useful quick reference tool, especially in the middle of the night.

Despite the pain relief, a trip to the 24 hour medical centre was needed in the morning. Two confirmed case of tonsillitis and self imposed house arrest! My little boy was so clingy and sad, he basically spent the week attached to my hip.

We had lots of nice cuddles and guilt free TV time. Rediscovered 80s greats like Rainbow Bright and Jimbo the Jet Set and we pretty much mastered the dance routine to S Club’s ‘Reach’ .

I just want to say thank you Nurofen, Youtube and itunes as I would not have survived the week without you!

Further information and competition time

Another great discovery during my week from hell was the Nurofen website where  you can download the guide. It’s also full of useful, practical information. I have saved a copy of the Unravelling the Magic of Discovery: A parents’ guide to supporting child development to my desktop but we also have TWO hard copies to give away. Just comment below with your own practical parenting tip. This is a game of skill so the two best answers will win a copy of the book.