First in a new series for Babies & Toddlers. Here’s a how to drawing guide from Sydney based artist Kerry Anne Jordinson. Kerry specialises in lovely, original whimsical children’s pictures which can be found for sale at markets around Sydney.


This is a really simple and cute teddy bear that your preschooler will love drawing. This drawing requires just a few circles,  four ovals and a ‘w’ (for the mouth).

What you need:

Big paper – A3
Two different coloured drawing tools (I have used the same colour but different shades)

Tip : when the children start to draw the face, encourage them to start at the top of the page so the body fits in.

Start drawing:

1       EYES   Two circles side by side
2       MUZZLE One big circle underneath
3       PUPILS AND BUTTON NOSE   Three coloured in circles in the big circles
4      MOUTH A little ‘w’ under the nose for a smiley mouth
5       THE HEAD A great big circle around the whole lot
6       EARS Two circles on either side of the head
7       THE TUMMY A big circle under the head (of course)
8       ARMS Two oval shapes either side of the head
9       LEGS Two more oval shapes
10     SQUIGGLE lots of lines all around the outside of the bear with the dark colour
11     COLOUR in the inside still squiggly with the lighter colour.


By Kerry Anne Jordinson 2014