Theme Park Survival Tips for Mums and their Babies

Going to theme parks is such a fun activity because both adults and toddlers always end up having an awesome time. The thrill of the rides, the cool prizes, and the savory goodies, are just some of the things worth looking forward to. There are many theme parks in Australia, and you can find most of them on the Gold Coast including Dreamworld, Sea World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, and Warner Brothers Movie World.

Before heading to any of these theme parks, there are things that you need to take in consideration of especially if you are travelling with your baby. Infants require special care so that they will feel comfortable in their environment. Here are some theme park survival tips for mums and their babies:

Bring the Right Clothes and Gears

Make sure to bring extra baby clothes in case your child had a nappy accident or stains his or her clothes. Marks and Spencer has coats and pramsuits that can come in handy in case your baby gets cold or when it suddenly starts raining. Don’t forget to bring along blankets too because you can use that for burping and keeping your child warm. Make sure to put a bib on your infant during feeding and burping time to avoid any dirt on his/her clothes. If there’s still space in your car, then it is best to bring a pushchair so you don’t have to carry your child all the time. If the car is already crowded, just bring along an Ergobaby carrier.

Plan Ahead of Time

It is best to check the attractions of the theme park before you go there so you already know where to take your baby. Find baby-friendly rides like the carousel and the children’s train. Also make sure you know where the baby changing, and feeding stations are. Look for restaurants and other indoor venues where you can take your baby in case the weather gets too hot or cold.