My blood is still boiling after listening to former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning. Yes, she has a point to make about maternity leave and it’s negative impact on small companies but some of her other statements were so infuriating. Hopkins, who runs her own business consultancy and has an employee on maternity leave, in a recent article in the UK edition of the Telegraph, said that the UK should adopt the US system, where female employees get on average six weeks of unpaid maternity leave.

Agreed, for a small business having an employee on maternity leave could be crippling but the UK government does give statutory maternity pay to help ease the burden for small businesses. I myself only got six weeks statutory pay after my first child.

But her comment about being annoyed that she has to pay a former employee to ‘sit on her arse’ while at home with a new baby surely couldn’t have come out of a mothers’ mouth. But, Katie herself has three children. She reportedly went back to work two weeks after having them but the days she is with them she must realise that is a completely ridiculous comment to make. Show me a mum of two that gets to have a hot cup of tea in the day nevermind one that can sit down.

It’s a very interesting debate and one that deserves a proper intellectual airing but really Katie show some respect for motherhood! So, if like me this woman makes your  blood boil just look at all the anti-Katie Hopkins facebook pages to make you feel better. I particularly like Get the bigot Katie Hopkins off the TV and out of the press!