Australian stampede for Lottie!

Innovative British Fashion doll “Lottie” has sparked something of a stampede in Australia with a Christmas waiting list of over 600. Women’s Forum Australia, who are selling the doll, were met with unprecedented demand after a surge of  recent positive press coverage. The think tank deals with issues affecting women has now closed their Christmas orders.

Launched in August, Lottie™ is a new, innovative fashion doll for girls aged 3- 9. Since its debut, Lottie™ has won 9 awards in both the USA and UK.

The key point of difference from other fashion dolls is that Lottie’s body is ‘childlike’. Her dimensions (with the exception of her head) are based upon those devised by leading British scientific academics to reflect the average proportions on a nine year old girl. Unlike other fashion dolls, there is no pushing the envelope with adult agendas such as scanty clothes, high heels, jewellery, tattoos or makeup; these are girl dolls intended for girls.

Lottie is flexible, poseable; indeed she can stand on her own two feet a life skill that is important for girls both big and small. Lottie’s motto is Be Bold Be Brave Be You. Most of all, Lottie™ is super cute and rather lovely.

Kristan Dooley, Managing Director of Women’s Forum Australia, an established independent women’s think tank that undertakes research, education and public policy development about social, economic, health and cultural issues affecting women was interviewed by ABC News 24 Television earlier today and said: “Once the news about Lottie hit the media over the weekend we’ve just been inundated. There’s obviously a strong demand in the market for this.”

Sara Wright, co-founder of Australian parenting website said:
“I cannot believe how many visitors we are getting and how many emails I have received asking where else people can buy a Lottie Doll for Xmas.”

Arklu, a startup company, whose co-founders are Lucie Follett and Ian Harkin, developed Lottie over the course of 18 months of research with kids, parents, retailers, industry experts and academics. Numerous points were noted and incorporated into the doll’s development, but the three points that were the most striking were girls were missing on their childhood, girls developing a negative perception of body image and girls being prematurely sexualised. These key issues were addressed whilst at the same time providing a fun, engaging and refreshing alternative doll. The current first range of dolls will be expanded upon early in 2013 with the launch of additional outfit accessory sets that increase the ‘doll dressability’ fun, as well as expanding on the active, outdoors feel to Lottie. The Year 2 range of dolls, due for launch in early 2013, will also include some more adventurous doll themes.

As well as the Women’s Forum Australia, the doll will be available in major Australian stores some time next year. Sign up to our newsletter and we will send you more info on Lottie Dolls in Australia when we get updates from the UK company.