Friday’s dinner: Sticky lamb stir-fry with veggies and rice

The My Food Bag ingredients for this recipe:
Jasmine Rice
500g stir-fry cut lamb
1 carrot
Packet of baby corn and sugar snaps
1 red capsicum
Packet of shallots

The store cupboard ingredients you need are oil, salt, white wine or sake, oyster sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar.

A basic stir-fry recipe which doesn’t need much explaining or comment. What I liked about this was that the lamb came ready cut so very easy. I also seldom think of lamb for stir-frying so again another new discovery for me thanks to My Food Bag. My kids love lamb so they really enjoyed this dish – the evidence is in the very empty plate (see picture).

All the portions provided by My Food Bag are very generous and this was no exception. There was plenty of lamb and veggies for all of us.

Further information
My Food Bag is a home delivery service where customers can order dinner kits online containing the ingredients and recipes for a week’s main meals. The service offers the convenience of nutritionally-balanced, seasonal recipes with fresh, free-range and locally sourced ingredients delivered straight to the door. There are three different food bags to choose from, each designed to suit different households – and their taste buds! Whether it’s for a family with hungry teenagers, fussy little eaters or a couple of gourmet foodies – My Food Bag caters for your family.

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