It felt like Christmas in our house on Sunday. We received our first delivery from My Food Bag – a service which delivers the fresh ingredients and recipes for a week’s main meals. We are big foodies in our house, (well my husband, my daughter and I are) so I had to wrestle them off unpacking the three large brown paper bags.

I love food but I am not a great cook. I tend to have a few staples that I produce on rotation. I like the idea of cooking and following a recipe but like most mums time and toddlers are my downfall. My three year old son is a fussy eater so I have been feeling the need for a bit of variety and creativity in the kitchen lately. Celebrity chef, nutritionist and working mum Zoe Bingley-Pullin has just been announced as a My Food Bag ambassador. She is on board to develop simple, healthy recipes to please fussy little eaters and help parents rediscover their passion for home cooking. Just the ticket…

As well as the fresh ingredients (meat, fish, vegetables); the dry ingredients like spices, cous cous, rice are neatly packaged according to the recipes. You need to have a few store cupboard staples in like oil, mayonnaise, flour etc but pretty much everything else is there from a little pot of pumpkin chutney to a tub of sour cream. The website tells you what extra ingredients you need. The delivery comes with a set of recipe cards and there is a guide of what to cook each day (structured according to the shelf/fridge life of the ingredients) but you could freeze the fish for example and cook later in week. However, me being me, I wanted to follow the instructions to a tee.

Monday’s dinner: Crispy fish burgers with salad and sweet potato wedges
The My Food Bag ingredients for this recipe included:
6 Sonoma sourdough buns which were deliciously fresh
4 generous latchet fish fillets which you cut in half to make 8 smaller fish finger dimension portions
A tub of Panko breadcrumbs (of which I used half)
2 tomatoes
1 whole iceberg (I only used a few leaves)
Two sweet potatoes (I only used one as my kids are not big sweet potato fans)

I make my own chicken nuggets for the kids but I have never attempted fish burgers so this was something different for the kids. It was a similar process to the one I use for chicken nuggets. The recipe was written well – four easy to follow steps, in which the kids can get involved, by dipping the fish in the flour, egg, then breadcrumbs. Messy but fun for them and another string to my bow.

photo (3)Latchet is not a fish I know but it came out really well. Meaty but moist and the panko breadcrumbs and seasoned flour gave it a really nice crunchy bite. The kids ate two portions of fish each. I served then like fish fingers with the bun on the side. They are still at that age where they like to see what they are eating and like things separate. I seldom give the kids bread at tea time so it was a nice change. The buns were served warm with lots of butter.

I am really happy that they liked the fish. Its a good to know they are getting real fish unlike super market fish fingers.It was also a good recipe if you spilt meals like we often do in our house. I feed the kids around 5pm then I eat with my husband later. So this worked well. I prepared the whole batch at teatime, cooked what I need for the kids then put the rest in the fridge for my husband and I later. We are trying to cut down on bread, I just served us the fish fillets on lettuce leaves with the salad and the sweet potato wedges. This recipe got a big tick from all the family. My kids are not keen on sweet potato but they tried them and I am going to preserve with this recipe as my husband and I thought the wedges were delicious.

photo (2)Further information
My Food Bag is a home delivery service where customers can order dinner kits online containing the ingredients and recipes for a week’s main meals. The service offers the convenience of nutritionally-balanced, seasonal recipes with fresh, free-range and locally sourced ingredients delivered straight to the door. There are three different food bags to choose from, each designed to suit different households – and their taste buds! Whether it’s for a family with hungry teenagers, fussy little eaters or a couple of gourmet foodies – My Food Bag caters for your family:

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