Thursday’s dinner: Miguel’s BBQ Mexican Bacon and Cheese Meatloaf with Lemony Avocado Mash

The My Food Bag ingredients for this recipe:
500g beef and pork mince
Mexican seasoning
12 slices of streaky bacon
100g gouda cheese
Corn chips
The iceberg lettuce (from Monday’s fish burgers)
Sour cream

The store cupboard ingredients you need are oil and BBQ sauce. Again this is flagged up before hand in the email and on the website. The other thing to mention here as that the week’s recipes are designed to use up ingredients i.e the iceberg lettuce from Monday’s fish burgers can be used up by this meal.

This was a slightly more time and skill sensitive recipe. It wasn’t rocket science but the idea is that the mince and herb mix is wrapped in bacon so it required some careful overlapping of bacon and rolling. It was good that it fell on a Thursday – my kid free day as I had time to prepare in the morning. I actually don’t think I would have had the time and concentration to prepare this after school in time for tea. It was also my first time making meat loaf so I wanted it to be good!

The meatloaf probably benefitted from a few hours in the fridge as it held its shape well. It came apart a little bit in the over but you could always skewer it if necessary. The BBQ glaze of the bacon worked a treat and the result was a sticky bacon topping with a meaty/cheesey centre. Not sure how healthy this recipe is but it was very tasty.

My little boy like the meatloaf – he wasn’t put off by the Mexican seasoning which was a good discovery for me as I tend not to use spice. My little girl liked the bacon. So it worked. They also liked the idea of getting chips for tea. The grated carrot and shredded iceberg was a nice accompaniment.

My husband thought the meatloaf was a bit dry but agreed it was very tasty. The bacon was a winner and the combination of flavours worked really well.

Further information
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