Tuesday’s dinner: Grilled chicken thighs with pearl cous cous, broccoli and chutney

The My Food Bag ingredients for this recipe include:
6 chicken thights
Sachet of chicken spice
A packet of sultanas
A tub of pumpkin chutney (of which I used half)
2 heads of broccoli

The store cupboard ingredients you need are oil, salt, garlic, parsley and mayonnaise. Again this is flagged up before hand in the email and on the website.

Again, a very clear, simple five step recipe to follow. I like the way the recipe cards are divided. For example, this recipe had three parts: Grilled chicken, Pearl cous cous then the ‘To serve’ section. Seems obvious but it really helped me organise myself before hand. Today I realise why I only cook a few staple recipes because unless my kids are ensconced in front of the TV or engrossed in a game then it is almost impossible for me to read a recipe and concentrate in the kitchen. I am constantly bugged and annoyed. So it helped to have a very clear recipe to follow.

Having said thaT, the recipe wasn’t complicated and by no means technical. It just had a few extra elements to my usual grilled chicken and veg. For example cooking the broccoli stems with the cous cous but stir frying the florets in the pan that you have cooked the chicken in. I know, not masterchef but for a unadventurous mum chef, this was different to me and the result was very tasty broccoli.

The other thing I liked about this recipe was the optional spice. I marinated the chicken in the spice mix and the kids enjoyed that – it wasn’t too spicy but I left the spice out of their cous cous for but added it later for us. My little girl enjoyed the larger than normal cous cous and we started to call it, ‘gum balls’ but my little boy wasn’t convinced. He only liked the chicken.

This is another recipe for the undefined time my husband returns from work. It can all be prepared in advanced (the chicken benefits from a extra couple of hours marinade) and then the chicken cooked on demand and the rest reheated. The pumpkin chutney was a winner

The quantities in the My Food Bag delivery are generous for a family of four (especially as one of mine is a fussy toddler). So, as we didn’t eat all the sweet potato, cous cows, Wednesday’s dinner was an eat up night. So Thursday’s will be Miguel’s BBQ Mexican Bacon and Cheese Meatloaf with lemony avocado mash. Wish me luck.

Further information
My Food Bag is a home delivery service where customers can order dinner kits online containing the ingredients and recipes for a week’s main meals. The service offers the convenience of nutritionally-balanced, seasonal recipes with fresh, free-range and locally sourced ingredients delivered straight to the door. There are three different food bags to choose from, each designed to suit different households – and their taste buds! Whether it’s for a family with hungry teenagers, fussy little eaters or a couple of gourmet foodies – My Food Bag caters for your family.

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