5 Different Courses Couples Need To Check Out

So you want a natural birth do you? Awesome!

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy and also for taking the time to research the best natural pregnancy and birth options for you.

Unfortunately many women don’t even realise there are things they can do to help prepare for a more comfortable and safe birth for their babies, so you are on the right track.

Some women just think, “Oh, you can’t control birth, so what’s the point in doing classes. I’m just going to turn up to hospital and do what my doctor tells me.” …. Mmm … OK, good luck with that!

Often this can lead to an intervention-filled birth, leaving the mother unsatisfied or feeling mistreated.

With anything in life, to ensure you have the best outcome, you EDUCATE YOURSELF and PLAN.

After I had my first baby I was talking with a pregnant friend of mine and she seemed really interested to find out what birthing classes I had gone to.

I told her it was HypnoBirthing and gave her the number of my teacher.

About a week later I asked if she had booked in and she replied, “no, it’s too expensive” (it was about $500).

I know this may seem like a lot of money to some people, but I thought … You won’t be thinking that in the labor ward sweety … However, I just didn’t really know what else to say since she seemed to have made her mind up.
Birth Classes
At the time I also didn’t really know what other options to suggest, but these days I know plenty. So today I’ll like to share some various natural birthing class options that you need to look at.

This way you can choose one suited to your location, budget and time.

Proper childbirth education can potentially save you and your baby much trauma in the delivery suite, so take this seriously and don’t give me excuses why you couldn’t get educated … Okay!

  1. HypnoBirthing: The course I personally did was called HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method. It was created by a hypnotherapist, Marie Mongan from New Hampshire, USA. It’s based on hypnosis and relaxation techniques. Live classes are in a group setting with approx. 3 couples per course. It’s set over 5 weeks and cost between $300-$600 depending on location and teacher worldwide.
  2. The Bradley Method: Another well-known and well respected course from the USA. This course is set over 12 weeks and created by Dr. Robert A. Bradley. He’s also well known for his book “Husband Coached Childbirth.” Live classes are in a group setting with approx. 6 couples per course. Costs range between $200-$400.
  3. GentleBirth: Either weekend workshop (UK) or online home study program (worldwide). This course is created by Irish Doula and (now studying to be a midwife) Tracy Donegan. She bases her course on a lot of sport science. Weekend workshops can host up to 20 couples and cost approx €375 (EURO). Alternatively, you can purchase the home study course much cheaper – USD $99. You receive CD’s, a workbook and online community support.
  4. Birth Boot Camp: This is the program I’m going to be reviewing. I just received it in the post. It was created by Donna Ryan, a former Bradley Method teacher. Birth Boot Camp is a 10 week online video program plus a workbook is sent to your home. The cost of the course is $295.
  5. The Pink Kit: This was created by the Common Knowledge Trust, which is a non-profit organisation initially formed in Australia and now New Zealand. The course is available online and is presented in 8 segments. Cost is $79.95.

Be sure to research each course and ask questions to see what is best suited to you. For example, I love that there are courses online, but for me personally during my first birth, I wanted to go and meet other couples and do an interactive course together.

Most childbirth professionals will suggest a live course if you have the option. However, if that’s not suitable, then there are some options here that help you prepare just as well from the comfort of your own home.

Also note, this is not an extensive list of what’s available, so if you see another course that’s listed on this website or in your area go and check it out. The best course is the one that makes you feel safe, confident and positive about your labour.

I want to know which course you’re taking? Have you chosen one yet or used one already? Leave a comment below so others can see what’s working for you.


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