The Disney remake of Rapunzel is my daughter’s favourite film. Quite ironic really as my mum has nicknamed her “Urchin” due to the unruly nature of her hair. My husband and I shared the same hairdresser once. He commented: “If you two ever have children then that kid is going to have one head of hair.”

My hair is fine but I have lots of it – it’s neither curly nor straight – I suppose you could call it wavy but not in the nice, tousled sense, more in the frizzy sense. It’s the kind of hair that drizzle loves. One glance at a spot of rain and my hair frizzes up so it’s pretty much always tied back. My husband’s is straight but thick and there is lots of it.

messy hairI guess our toddler has a mixture of both. There’s a lot of it, it’s straight at the front but turns into this tangled mess of curls at the back. She hates having it tied-back. A hair bobble lasts approx 20 seconds. Hence the “Urchin”.

We live by the beach. Envious?

Yes, you should be. It’s fantastic but it plays havoc with the family hair.

I am a big fan of Johnson & Johnson – with two kids I use the Bedtime bath, the top to toe, the no-more-tears and I buy their baby wipes when on special offer. But I was a little sceptical of Johnson & Johnson’s new miracle product for taming toddlers tangles – No More Tangles.

The range consists of shampoo (http://www.johnsonsbaby.com/johnsons-no-more-tangles-shampoo), conditioner (http://www.johnsonsbaby.com/johnsons-no-more-tangles-leave-in-conditioner) and a spray (http://www.johnsonsbaby.com/johnsons-no-more-tangles-detangling-spray) that you can use on wet or dry hair. The shampoo smells lovely – of apples. Conditioning is hard for a two-year old who hates having her hair washed so I skipped that step and went straight for the spray. Much more fun for her and no more tears!

cheesy grinNow for the hard part. Did I mention my toddler hates having her hair brushed? Here’s the surprise – the product seemed to work. Instead of me needing to grab segments and hack through the knots with a brush, a few gentle strokes and the job was done. I’m not claiming it made her sit still during the process. I still had to chase her around the room but brushing out the knots was a lot easier.

A quick blast with the hairdryer. Did I mention my two-year old hates having her hair dried? And my little urchin wasn’t Rapuznel but a mini Goldilocks. Her usual tangled mess was neat and tidy. My mum would still say: “You need to cut that fringe” but it acts as a natural sunblock and I like it.

I probably need to test the shampoo and conditioner on it’s own to make this a fair test. But the spray gets a big thumbs up. This is a great product for mums like me who after a whole day of toddler antics want a stress free bathtime. It means that after a day on the beach I don’t need to wash her hair but a few sprays and a comb through and she’s presentable enough for grandma.

I’ve even started using them myself. I like the smell.

Review By Dominique Broomfield with some help from Gaby.


JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Conditioner $6.99
JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Detangling Spray $6.99