As soon as you have kids, the focus immediately changes from your relationship to focusing on your children.

This is inevitable as your children soon become the most important things in your life and caring for them takes the priority. It’s human nature to ensure the health and happiness of your children are met before your own.

But to have a healthy and happy family life, it’s important that your relationship is healthy and strong as well.

Life is all about balance. If a relationship doesn’t have any time put into it, it can become unhealthy and weak.

When you and your partner are stressed, this can affect the dynamics of your family life and parenting even if we try to keep them separate.

This is where a regular date night can really help.

When you have kids, your nights usually turn into a hectic rush of feeding, bathing and putting your kids to bed. The thought of having a “date night” is sometimes difficult to imagine but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Organise a date night in advance and book a babysitter to look after your children for the night.

If you’re not one for a date night, then maybe make a plan to meet your partner for lunch or arrange a nanny to look after your children for a special weekend away.

Even the everyday little rituals of talking to your partner throughout the day or watching a movie together after the children are asleep, can have a really positive effect.

It really keeps the spark going, and creates a healthy balance in your relationship, your family life and how you approach parenting.

Enjoy your date!

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