A Visit to Seaworld

Last week we went to Seaworld, in fact most weeks we go to Seaworld, living on the Gold Coast makes visiting the theme parks easy and we love Seaworld in particular for the animals. Dexter adores the animals and I adore watching his excitement.

Most visits to the park for us end up the same round trip – dolphin pool / nursery, kids zone & show, polar bears, aquarium and the penguins before home. Last week we got lucky and the dolphins in the pools were feeling especially playful, picking up pieces of algae/seaweed and throwing it out of the pool at park visitors, engaging in a game of catch that delighted us for a full hour. I’m positive you’re not supposed to play catch with the dolphins but watching our little man watching them, giggling and laughing was an amazing experience. They seemed to know too, doing more elaborate catches and throws in front of him than the adults.

Seaworld Gold CoastWe could have stayed watching the dolphins for hours more but moved on, eager to make the early kids show. Seaworld has recently changed the kids show from Sesame Street to Dora and it’s a welcome change, I swear you can only sit through so many shows before you start to dream about it! Dexter loves it though, I think most kids love to sing and dance and it’s amazing for them to see life size versions of their favourite characters, sing the well known songs and then have their photo taken with the characters afterwards. Dexter hates that part, he point blank refuses to move towards them at the end of the show and when asked if he’d like a photo he often says “no, I stay here”.  Cute, huh? There’s no shortage of kids who will line up for photos with Dora or Diego though, lines can be long but it’s super sweet watching how excited they get to be standing next to (or hugging) their favourite characters.

The kids area at Seaworld is very good, probably the best of the three parks (Seaworld, Movieworld, Wet&Wild) with a merry-go-round and a couple of rides alongside a water area that the kids love to play in. We tend to make sure we have a towel and Dexter’s bathers because a summer time visit to Seaworld always involves spending a good hour watching him run around as the water alternates shooting up from the ground and spilling over the top of a fountain. It’s a great way to spend a morning, we have a pool at home and the beach 500m from our house so avoid the water park part of Seaworld but Dex loves that fountain so much we never miss it in the summer (it’s turned off in winter).

Seaworld Gold Coast DoraThe new (relatively) aquarium / shark zone at Seaworld is amazing, Dexter is happy spending an hour watching the fish and some visits to the park that’s all we do – pop in and spend an hour or so watching the fish and then go home. We especially like to do it after watching a movie like Finding Nemo or Shark Tale, it’s great when he spots ‘Dory’ and excitedly points her out, chattering and watching her swim.

Having yearly passes means that we can leave whenever we feel like it rather than feeling like we have to do the whole park in a day and I like to be back in the car by nap time. Luckily the polar bears are usually sleeping and the penguins only require extra time if we’ve recently watched Happy Feet.

We are so blessed to live on the Gold Coast and have yearly tickets, they’re excellent value at $99.99 for unlimited entry to the three parks (Seaworld, Movieworld & Wet&Wild) so we never feel like the experience is rushed and there’s no pressure to visit everything. While a single entry to Seaworld is pretty expensive at $80 per adult and $50 for 3-13 year olds, if you’re visiting the Coast to do the parks you can get a combo pass that gives you unlimited entry to the three parks until June 30th for $100 and take your time, visiting on more than one day really is the best way to experience what the theme parks have on offer.

Article written by Kyla Ryan – Beyond the Bump

Kyla Ryan

Kyla Ryan and Dexter

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