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    We have taken the guess work out of buying cloth nappies, Bumbly Bootique nappies are One Sized, All In One, Pocket type with all your boosters included! Our nappy, with its double gussets provides superior containment especially when used inconjunction with our Bumbly Boosters on top.

    Bumbly Bootique Nappies all come with an internal booster, our generously sized Sleepytime Booster (43cm x 33cm) and microfleece lined elasticised Bumbly Booster which can be used on top of the nappy for day or inserted into the pocket for night, mix and match to customise absorbency for your child.

    There’s no need for pins, snappi’s, covers or anything else for that matter.  Our nappies are all ready to go as is!

    You can also help us fundraise for the Starlight Children’s Foundation by purchasing our Starlight Nappy or Wetbag at no extra costs.

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    12 Reviews on “Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies”

    1. Alex Lee Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      Love them, they are a perfect fit for us, love the boosters and the options they provide!
      My fave points are:
      – great fit, not “too” bulky like other AIO, but obviously not as trim as a sized nappy
      – fast drying, for bamboo, they are really great
      – soft & comfy design, triple elastics may sound a little OTT, but it works with no red painful leggy marks too, awesome stuff!
      – Cute too
      All in all, big fan here! Keep up the good work ladies!

    2. Karen Thorp Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      These nappies are fabulous!
      They keep everything well contained and they have a super quick drying time, which is important for me living in the humidity of FNQ.
      My girl is a heavy wetter so they didn’t quite last her 8 hour night sleeps, but I prefer to use these nappies during the day anyway as they are too cute not to be shown off!
      Great service from the BB team too!

    3. Kristie Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      I have two Bumbly Bootique nappies and I love them. They are so super cute that I am looking forward to the warmer weather so I can show them off. I like how easy it is for them to dry, much quicker than some other brands of nappies I have. I’ve been using them with the bumbly booster on top of the nappy but I think I’ll need to start stuffing the booster inside, since I do tend to get a little side leakage (with #1s) and don’t feel as if they are as absorbent as other nappy brands I have. However, they are excellent at keeping #2s contained and I haven’t had an explosion leak out of them yet! I’m mainly concerned about the amount of wear I’ll get out of them. My baby is 11 weeks old and the nappies are already unsnapped to the largest size because she’s got rather fat thighs. However this isn’t really a criticism of the nappy design since my bub is a bit of a whopper for her age. Overall these are very good quality nappies and I would certainly buy more in the future :-)

    4. Michelle Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      We’ve been using Bumbly for several months now and we absolutely love them! What can I add that hasn’t been said already?? All those previous comments are pretty accurate and I’m not just saying that to enter the review comp on Facebook ;) these nappies really do work great for us! So easy to wash and quick to dry. We are really glad we came across them from the beginning and did not have to go thru issues with other brands. The really do make using cloth easy!! Thanks Bumbly xxx

    5. Renee Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      When I first purchased a Bumbly Bootique nappy I thought it would be like the others in my stash but with the super cute factor (I love the ‘baking cupcakes’ nappy)…. I was wrong, they are so much better! My son seems to leak from the legs due to being a heavy wetter but with the bumbly nappy the double leg gussets + extra boosters seem it contain everything and for a longer period of time…. I swear it’s saving my washing pile, I don’t need to change his clothes every nappy change. By the way, talking about washing, they dry in no time as the boosters come out. Also a side note is being summer everyone can see the pictures on his nappy I have had comments already about how cute they are! I’m very very impressed and can’t wait to purchase more off Steph, our WA rep.

    6. Megan Hazeldean Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      I got my first Bumbly Bootique MCN (Buttercream – yummy!!!!) as I haven’t found a decent night nappy for my heavy wetting tummy sleeper. Steph (WA rep) sold me on the extra boosting features and I can say last night we lasted 12 HOURS with the slightest amount of damp this morning. I am gonna tweak the way I fold and stuff the boosters but I think I have finally found a winner – thank you sooooo much Bumbly Bootique!!!!!

    7. Lena Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      just put the starlight bumbly bootique MCN, a lovely surprise pressie from my sister, and its a gorgeous fit, great absorbancy and lovely colours! And a great bonus is funds from this nappy goes to a great cause!

    8. Tania Rowland Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      Bumblys are my fave every day nappies, they are so wonderfully soft and perfert for mstr 8mo. I have been using cloth on my boy from birth and these nappies are just better in every way. Fit, feel, absorbency and most of all they are soooooo cute for a workhorse! I have fancier nappies for show as well but the Bumblys are the ones I want to use all the time. I just trust them, when we’re washing so many nappies and clothes big and small already, I am sure most mums would agree with me in that less is more. I can trust that when I use these fantastic nappies, I will only be changing the nappy and not his onesie and pants as well, which happens all too often with other brands. So I’m hooked and keep adding to my stash slowly as I get rid of the other duds. oh oh and my god you must try their wipes!!!!!! They are soooo wonderfully yummy, I know, weird way to describe wipes, but seriously if you are not in the market for nappies at least try their wipes, truly beats using those yucky disposibke ones.

    9. Jenna Edgley Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      Perfect nappies! I only just received my first one yesterday but it is perfect and she has been wearing it for 2 hours already with no leaks!
      I can’t wait to buy more for my stash!

    10. Zara Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      Beautifully made nappies, best purchase ever! I absolutely love how they sit on my little girl, they can be worn trim or bulked up for night. Fantastic leg gussets design, nappy stays on exactly how it should after running and tumbling around with no leaks! The covers wash up like new each time and they dry in a few hours even if I only hang em out in the sun from 2pm these days, that’s super fast for bamboo in my experience. Sold all my other nappies and only use Bumbly’s now cos I’m sick of getting messy accidents with the other ones.

    11. Tammie Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      Love these! Well made, beautiful fabric, fantastic inner design, 1’s & 2’s proof, elastic has the right amount of firmness and most of all cute! We tested this nappy out first thing in the morning from 7am-11 and not a single leak. My son is a very heavy wetter so I was quite impressed. I have already recommended this to friends. What a great find!!!

    12. Stacey Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      Love love love them! we use many different types, these are a definitely our favourite. LOVE their Bumbly Boosters, it has saved my fresh nappies from poos so many times! Godsend! Don’t need liners with these…and cleans easily, they’re perfect.

    13. Kim Bumbly Bootique Modern Cloth Nappies

      I purchased a nappy after finding their liners on ebay, the girls there are lovely and helpful, but they don’t have enough photos of the inside of the nappy on their website, it really doesn’t do them justice. I have to point out that I love the double gussets and pull out booster on the nappy, makes drying time alot better than my other AIO’s. The fit is good for a onesize on my 5mo, not so bulky and the additional boosters that come with the nappy are fantastic! I wish we didn’t already have so many other nappies in my stash.

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