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    Bear With Me offers you the services of Alison Evans, certified Doula, Dancing For Birth™ instructor and Birth Hypnosis practitioner. Alison’s experience, knowledge and passion will support you through your pregnancy and birthing journey.

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    1. Bear With Me Post authorBear With Me - Doula

      “Having a doula was great, not only for myself, but for my partner too. It took a lot of stress away that I am sure he would have had if Alison had not been there. It was great to have someone who knew what was going on and who could help me with contractions. Alison knew what I wanted, what I didn’t want, and what I would do if I had to. This helped us achieve our much wanted VBAC.
      If anyone is contemplating having a doula, I say GO FOR IT! Thank you Alison for helping and being a part of my successful VBAC :)”

      Tennille, Paul and Bronte – 2010

    2. Bear With Me Post authorBear With Me - Doula

      “Thank you Doula Alison for assisting us with the most amazing experience of our lives!

      When Paul and I discovered I was pregnant, we were as excited and apprehensive as I’m sure most people are! We read everything that we could get our hands on as we wanted a natural and medication free labour, if possible. We were adamant that we would do everything possible to avoid having a caesarean birth, but our main priority was always making sure that bubs and I returned home safe.
      In all of the reading, we kept coming across information on how having a Doula would help us achieve the birth experience that we wanted. Paul and I are very private people and we just weren’t really convinced that having anyone, trained or not, in the room with us is what we wanted. We also needed to ensure that Paul’s place as main support person would not be jeopardised. The decision then came down to wanting to do all that we could to have the birth that we wanted, so we met with Alison and decided she was for us.
      We had a couple of casual catch ups with Alison before the birth so we could make sure we all knew what was important to us. Alison helped us with a realistic birth plan, and made us feel comfortable about having her share such a personal experience with us. We discussed our expectations and roles, and most importantly she ensured us that she was not there in place of Paul – she was there to support us both.
      So labour day came, and I was comfortable labouring at home with Paul for about 13 hours before it was time to go to the birth centre. Alison met us there and made the phone calls to parents and did anything else that we needed. This meant Paul was by my side where I needed him to be. We all knew our plan, and when I started asking for pain medication, Paul and Alison were careful to question me to make sure this is what I really wanted. Alison also hunted down our midwife to see if they could do an extra examination, hoping that if I was further along than I thought, that maybe I would feel more comfortable to push on with the original plan to not have pain medication.
      When it was discovered that our baby was in distress, we ended up needing an emergency caesarean. At 12.35pm, our beautiful little girl Madeleine Zoe was born as healthy as can be.
      Although it was one of the scariest experiences of our lives, our main goal was achieved in that both myself and our daughter were healthy, and Paul and I were able to come home with the knowledge that we did all that we could to ensure a positive birth experience. Of course there is some disappointment that after 23 hours labour it didn’t all go to plan, but without Alison with us, there definitely would have been regrets.

      Thank you so much Doula Alison, you helped make the birth of our little girl to be the positive birth experience we wanted, even if it wasn’t to plan!”

      Alicia, Paul and Madeleine 2009

    3. Bear With Me Post authorBear With Me - Doula

      “Alison was a fantastic support providing information and emotional guidance without being imposing, throughout our pregnancy and labour.
      She quietly, calmly and confidently allowed us to go our own way through everything, just being a constant rock when we needed her, particularly when panic started to set in just prior to the transition period!
      Her gentle coaching, driving us to the hospital and support for us all was beautiful and enabled us to look back on the whole birth with much love as we had felt empowered and informed throughout.
      My husband Roger and I could not have asked for a better birth thanks to Alison! While Roger was a little dubious at the start, once he realised Alison was there to support him and help him to support me, he felt in control and able to be a fantastic birthing partner!
      I can think of no higher compliment to give Alison than to say I would be very happy for her to be part of baby number two when the time finally comes!
      Thanks for a great job Alison :)”

      Carol, Roger and Matehaere – 2008

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