Checklist: Things to do before daycare

So with baby number two here off goes baby number one to daycare. Just two days a week but those days of are my salvation. No, husband dearest, it’s not all chai lattes and gossiping with my mother’s group. They are the days I work, clean the house, do the washing, go to the supermarket. I don’t want the sympathy vote. I am a busy mum – like all mums. And like all busy mums I forget things…So a few days before my toddler starts daycare I read the documentation and panic. Up-to-date immunisation schedule required. Argh! She is missing one. Well that’s a whole other story!

All clothes need labelling. Pants! Literally. I  browse the internet. How things have changed since those sew on days of my schooling. I am astounded by how many companies out there offer these Iron-On/Stick-On solutions. At least I don’t need to spend hours with a needle and thread but which one do I choose… I go for Bright Star Kids. They seem to offer everything including a daycare kit with a mix of Iron-On and Stick-On labels of different sizes and uses for just $34.95 plus the much needed Free & Fast Delivery.

Preschool name label kit

Let the label marathon commence…

I order online with the toddler on my knee. This is actually quite fun (for her) as she chooses the colour (pink of course) and the icon which goes alongside her name (ballerina of course).  You can also choose a different colour for Iron-Ons and Stick-Ons but of course we do pink for both. When did my two-year old turn into a little girl.

Payment system is the Paypal norm and pretty straightforward. Thankfully. And two-days later our little kit arrived. Phew! I am impressed. There are loads of them – 160 in fact:

10 Large Stick-on Labels for her bag, lunch box etc, 30 Small Stick-on Labels for her water bottle, milk bottle, 80 x Tiny Stick-on Labels for tiny things and the best bit, 10 pairs of Funky Feet Shoe Labels. These are feet shaped labels to put in the insole of her shoes. Cool. Then another 30 Regular Iron On Clothing Tags for all her clothes. Ooh…we are going to have a sticker afternoon! We are in to sticker books at the moment. Toddler loves them but they bring out the control freak in me. I want to put the stickers on the right page in the right place whereas my toddler seems to want to put them on anywhere but or on the cushions, walls, floor…

Stickers done. That was the fun part. Now for the mummy part. After realising we don’t actually own an iron. I borrow one from our neighbour. After the kids are asleep on Sunday, I start ironing. Clearly something I don’t do! I thought I would enjoy it but two hours later I was starting to resent the fiddly little labels and her little socks which previously I’ve thought were so cute. The instructions said 10-15 seconds with good pressure. There is even a little video online: How to Use Stick On Labels & Iron On Labels. Personally, I think this should be adjusted to a good minute of hard pressure. Ok, the iron was not great and I am a perfectionist so I wanted those labels straight. My husband kept on saying, who cares if they are wonky?…I mean come on, you’ve known me for 16 years!

Funky feet shoe labels

The results are…

So with only one night sacrificed and a fun afternoon of sticking with my daughter I now have a enough clothes and items labelled to see us through daycare until the next growth spurt. Plus there are still lots of labels left for the next batch of clothes and things. A good thing really as although the Small Stick-on Labels survive the dishwasher they don’t survive a sticker obsessed toddler who peels them off everyday!

Unfortunately, child number two is going to inherit clothes with his sisters name blazoned across them. Now I know why (in the days of sew on labels) my mum choose to give my brother and I names with the same initial. Perhaps I would have been called something different if I had been born today…

The Preschool & Daycare label kit is available from Bright Star Kids for $34.95.