As a Brit I rarely use the word awesome but I simply can’t find another adjective by which to describe this product. It is just awesome. It’s a black out material on a roll, aptly called a Magic Blackout Blind.

When I first moved to Australia the whole family was disturbed by the light mornings and we were all up at 530am. I wish I had know about this product before I spent days sewing blackout material on a pair of cheap Ikea curtains by hand!

The Magic Blackout Blind comes on a roll roughly the same size and dimensions of a catering pack of cling film. The easy-to-unroll sheets come with perforated edges so you can tear off a sheet at a time. Just a word of warning: You have to do this step quite slowly and carefully to avoid ripping.

The material is a thin plastic-like sheet which sticks to the window surface by static. It is so easy to put up and remove. It doesn’t leave any marks. It’s not a permanent fix but one  you can use time and time again. Plus, because its no hassle, you could use it everyday in the kids bedroom during the months when either it gets light ridiculously early or  when the nights are light.

It would be a great travel essential for any family, especially if you are not sure if your holiday home, hotel or even camper had adequate curtains or blinds to keep the little ones undistrubed from the light.

I actually found it online and got some to use for blanking out windows in a community hall for a preschool movie afternoon. So, the applications are pretty widespread. Perhaps even a shift worker could use it.

I really recommend getting a roll as you never know when it might come in handy.

For further info or to watch the demonstration video: