We are in the process of applying for BIG school so all about letters and writing your name in my house at the moment. This new personalised children’s book Lost My Name is a great find, available at the online store, Not in Shops.

The book tells the story of a child who has lost their name and sets off to find the missing letters. The journey takes the child through a series of twists and by the story’s end, the child has found all the letters that spell out their own name.

The other twist is that the book was written by three British dads and an uncle, and it began as a DIY project. One of the creators, Asi Sharabi, says,

“Firstly, we checked the UK 2011 census and saw that there were 14,000 children’s names. Our first thought was ‘Geez, that’s a lot of names!’ We realised we needed a personalised story for each one, which is exactly what we created.”

“The lovely thing about this book is that each child’s journey is different. There are a range of paths for them to take and different creatures for them to meet, making the adventure truly unique.” says Asi.

“While little Henry might meet a hippo, an eagle, a nabarlek, a robot and a yeti, little Mia could meet a mermaid, an Inuit boy and an aardvark in order to recover her name.”

The personalised nature of the book meant that the team had to write over 150 pages and illustrations (over 150!) to make it work. The project is 100% independent, totally self-published and wholly self-funded.

  • Has sold 30,000 copies worldwide in the last year
  • Just launched in Australia this month, available exclusively from www.notinshops.com.au
  • Ideal for children aged between 2-6 years.
  • RRP $33.95. Shipping is free worldwide.

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Not in Shops prides itself on selling only the most unique and exclusive products that are not available in mainstream shops. Lost My Name is the perfect example of one such item, taking personalisation to a new creative level.