These fab handmade booties are so clever you’d have thought that they’d be around for years. In fact they have only just come on to the market (launched, August 2015). All ‘newkix’ have hand sewn innersoles so that there are no exposed seams. Elastic ankles means that the laces are completely aesthetic. All shoes are shaped for a perfect fit with no awkward puckering as so many little hand made booties seem to have. I love that there is also no left or right. As every parent knows, it’s hard enough to get shoes on a squirmy little one.

Founder Jasyln Wiles comments: “Originally I was making funky shoes just for my son as I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere.  Anything I did like I found hard to put on, or they never stayed on. So, I started to developed my pattern; each time my rather full on, destructive son was my test pilot. It wasn’t until I made a pair that stayed on for the full day without complaints, that I was happy. I had so much interest locally and requests from strangers in the street, that I thought, why not sell them. As I couldn’t return to my corporate job with a new baby, this was perfect for me. Plus I get to spend extra time with my little man and deck him out in the best shoes.”

Each pair of Newkix are handcrafted by Jasyln Wiles at home in Picton, NSW.
– Soft soles are either leather or faux suede, which provide grip for those learning to crawl, stand and walk without impeding on natural movement and feel for surfaces.
– Unifoot, no left or right for…. well, we don’t need to complicate things anymore.
– Elastic ankles which means shoes are easy to put on but also do not come off, plus no laces to tie up (all aesthetic)
– All lining fabric used on all the shoes is cotton and all newkix and fully lined with 100% wool wadding. External fabric varies but is all non toxic.
– Hand sewn innersoles to give extra comfort and cover up all seams.
– All shoes are contoured for the perfect fit.
I love these ones called “Cloud Nine” (pictured) but there are plenty more exciting designs available now and in the making…think exotic leathers and a collaboration with an amazing artist for some really special hand painted canvas and leather beauties.
Starting at $35.00 you can see the range at