So after nearly 16 months we decided to bite the bullet and put both kids in the same room. It was never going to be easy as both still wake in the night but we really need our room back, so bye bye Jasper, you are in with your sister.

Apart from dealing with multi-night-wakings, the other problem with the shift is that it’s always been Gaby’s room. It’s got her toys in it, her bed, her old cot and her décor. So it was necessary to man it up a bit. I checked out a few decorating ideas on Pintrest but then realised Jasper would be five by the time I got round to creating them! So I opted for the much easier route of decals.

Decals are basically stickers which you mount on the wall. They are great for rented accomodation or something like a kids room when their tastes/interests change quickly.

During my search I spotted a transportation themed decal on Bright Star Kids website. And for only $45 it looked pretty good value because you get loads of stickers: there is a plane scene (complete with clouds), a road scene (numerous vehicles and a road to put them on) and a train scene (trains, tracks and a tunnel). Ideal for a little lad learning to talk.

I placed the order online and was impressed with the website and the speedy delivery. I thought I would try and make an activity of sticking them. So I invited my little girl to help decorate her brother’s side of the room.  Anything to involve her in the transition. Not one of my best ideas! Although testament to the durability of the decals as they survived a three year old peeling and sticking innumerable times in order to get them to line up. She is a bit of a perfectionist, like her mother! She wasn’t however that happy when she realised they were for his side of the room and threw massive tantrum. She only calmed down when she could put them above her bed!

Later on in the day, I tidied the design up a bit and placed a smaller scene above Jasper’s bed. They were as easy to peel off  ‘her wall’ and again I was impressed that the stickiness survived a few more attempts at alignment.

Jasper was more interested in the packaging but I kept on repeating Jasper’s new bed, Jasper’s planes, Jasper’s trains like an idiot and I think he got the message that this was going to be his new sleeping domain.

So, once I was happy with the design I invited the kids back to view the finished masterpiece. Only when they insisted on getting in the cot to take a closer look did I realise my error. Some of the stickers were at toddler height so off they came off again.

I guess, however, the fact that they are not permanent and you can mix them up as many times as you like is one of the nice things about decals. It’s now a bit of a game that  keeps Jasper entertained when he wakes up from his naps. He peels and sticks, peels and sticks. So as long as you are not too precious about the design of your room I really recommend The Bright Star Kids transportation range for it’s variety and durabilty. It passed our test!

Now the next challenge is getting my monkeys to sleep through the night…has anyone got a design for that?