Brolly Sheets Review

My daughter was toilet trained at two and a half. A reward chart with a simple sticker for each pee or poo in the loo and a gift at the end of each day and we were done in a week.But night time toilet training is proving a lot more difficult. She is now four and a half and has been out of bed time nappies for about eight months.I try and avoid milk up to an hour before bed and I pick her up and put her on the loo before I go to bed but we are averaging an accident pretty much every night.Sometimes I miss the early accident, for example if I am out, or go to bed late. I just can’t get her to get out of bed and go to the loo by herself. I even leave a potty by the side of the bed but she still doesn’t go. When I quiz her about it, she says, she is too cold when she gets out of bed.

Subconscious bed wetting I can understand but a conscious one is hard to deal with. I am washing sheets, blankets and pjs everyday. And her mattresses is just disgusting. I Febreeze it and leave it outside in the sun to air everyday or it stinks!

The mattress protectors were just not working so I went on a hunt for a really good brolly sheet. The one I tested from Bumblebee kids fits a single bed so there is plenty of sheet to protect the entire mattresses. You just place on top of the bottom sheet and tuck the wings in under the mattress. Easy to use – so you can whip off the brolly sheet in the middle of the night if there is a night time accident.

Brolly Sheet Product Info

The brolly sheet has a thick middle layer that absorbed all of the fluid. Supposedly up to 2 litres of liquid over an 8 hour period but I had no way of testing the amount. It did kept the bottom sheet and mattress dry and was quick to change. At $45.95 they are not cheap (and you really need two) but I would definitely say a worthwhile investment. I only wish I had started using one earlier on and saved my mattress which really should be replaced.

The Brolly Sheet surface is made from 100% cotton making it soft and comfortable to sleep on. The quilted stitching across the central panel ensures a strong product designed for regular use and washes. The checkered patterned tuck in wings are secured to the central panel allowing for firm tuck in to keep your Bed Pad in place all night long. Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings do not contain any PVC or vinyl because from its manufacture to its disposal, PVC emits toxic compounds. Plus PVC and vinyl products can be noisy and make you sweat more. If you buy two brolly sheets from Bumblebee kids you can get a 10% discount.