The new Scooter in town – Globber scooters

I really wanted to make it out to the fantastic Sydney Park and Playground bike track in St Peters to give the new Globber scooters a run for their money but what with moving, hand and foot virus and now the weekend traffic created by Vivid Sydney I haven’t made it out there with the family. Highly recommend a visit though!

Last weekend the sun was shining so we decided on a more local destination. We put the Globber scooters in the back of the car and went on a family outing to the new walking tracks at Narrabeen Lakes which I am pleased to say are very scooter friendly.

My three year old set out on the Globber My FREE (RRP $120 – see images above) at a great pace. He has been scooting for about six months but the original scooter we bought him was actually a bad buy. A combination of the sales guy giving us the wrong advice on the model we should buy for his weight and the sea air rusting the bearings, made it useable for him.

In comparison, the Globber My FREE suits him down to the ground. An alternative to the mini Micro, this three wheel model has been designed with safe learning in mind for young kids. My son is on the lowest of the three adjustable handlebar heights so he has plenty of room grow with it. It’s hard for a three year old to comment but just watching him go nipping ahead speaks volumes to me. On his old scooter he was getting tired and out of breath so I ended up dragging him along which didn’t do wonders for my back.

The Globber My FREE also has lockable front steering, which is great for absolute beginners.

I tried the My FREE myself, to get a feel for the turns and breaks, and it’s all good. It’s light weight, so very easy for a young child to manoeuvre.  The break is situated on the back wheel like a lot of the scooter models. It takes a while for a young child to work out that using the break is better than using your foot but after an hour or so at the Lakes he was saying: “Look mummy, I’m using the break”. A positive move forward and a money saver for his shoes! The only draw back is that he has a tendency to lean too far forward so any incline or bump and he can topple over – hence the importance of helmets.

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Globber MYTOO Fix

My five year old was given the challenge of the Globber MYTOO Fix ($125) – the two wheel scooter recommended for ages five plus. She has been using a three wheel scooter for about two years but only since she started kindergarten in January has she shown any real interest in scooting. The two wheel was a bit more than she was prepared to tackle on this particular day and after a few wobbly attempts she decided she would use her little brothers old scooter (it’s got new bearings now). Another six months and I think she will be ready for another go at the two wheels but at the moment she is content with a three wheel.

This meant that there was a two wheel scooter going spare on our family activity day. My husband opted for a skateboard so I thought I would give the two wheeler a whirl. What fun! Instead of me playing catch up, I could keep up. It was great. It’s a really smooth ride, nice steering and the break is gradual not too abrupt so there were no embarrassing ‘stopping too soon’ accidents for me. The handlebar height of this model rises to a level adequate for me on a short trip but obviously it is advisable for an adult, wishing to scoot regularly, to buy an adult scooter (as the MYTOO Fix is only recommended to up to 50 kilos) but for a one-off I really enjoyed it. I think the adult Globber 18.0 by Kleefer (RRP $320.00–$360.00) is now on my birthday list!

I highly recommend a trip around Narrabeen Lakes too.

Further information

The Globber My FREE has six bright colours in the range; blue, red, orange, green, pink and purple, and is $120. The My TOO Fix comes in four cool colour combos; black/grey, white/purple, black/blue and black/orange, and costs $125.

Available for purchase from independent retailers and


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