Nappies Delivered to Your Door

A baby’s view:

I hate shopping. A strange statement from a woman but I really do. I hate shopping even more with my kids so I save trips to the mall and supermarket to my daycare days when I only have the baby. The only problem is, if he falls asleep in the car seat on the way then I can’t transfer him and I can’t push a trolley and a buggy. So I end up doing my shopping in waves and balancing ridiculously large items, like a huge boxes of cheap nappies from a particular department store on him, while he is asleep – poor thing! Although he didn’t even wake up when a bunch of bananas fell on him the other day.

So, in case you missed it. Here is my confession. I buy cheap nappies. Every month or so I visit one of the cheaper department stores and bulk buy whatever is on offer.  I had every intention of doing the eco thing and buying a range of modern cloth nappies for number two but I haven’t got round to it – sorry earth!

So, when I spotted Little Rascals – a  new disposable nappy company that delivers I was very excited. No more monthly trips to bulk buy!

Currently Little Rascals are offering a free trial so I thought why not?  I filled in the form online and sure enough as stated my free trial nappies arrived in three working days.

I must admit when I got the first nappy out of the packet I was a little disappointed as it looked a bit flimsy – thin – as if it wouldn’t really do the job. But not one to dismiss something on looks alone, I afixed said nappy on my little boy. I liked the long tabs and they were nice and sticky. The fit seemed snug but generous in the right areas and after a quick change off he went.

Another confession, I don’t seem to change my little boy as much as I did my first born. Is this a second child thing? I seemed to be changing my first every few hours but number two can go a whole morning before I remember to change him. So I was impressed with the Little Rascal nappy as it survived a whole morning nap, trip to the park and lunch before I changed it. I was surprised by the amount of wee, or should I say fluid it retained. It was very full but there was no leak.

So for only $39.95 for up to 168 nappies you can order a big box of nappies straight to your door. What I also like about the service is that once you have paid for your first delivery, you’ll be on the recurring order service. Which means you will receive your nappy order at a frequency that you’ve selected. The idea being that you’ll never run out of nappies again!

No more trips to the mall for me. I should change my opening statement. I hate shopping but I like internet shopping!

A toddlers trial:

My toddler is coming up to three  – she has no interest in toilet training.  As far as she is concerned there are too many other exciting things to do than sit on the loo. She is also a prolific poo-er, I wish she would start on toilet training – but until she does I need great nappies.  I have tried many of the cheaper supermarket brands and they are just not up to the job where my toddler is concerned. We still go through 4-5 nappies a day – so I need a lot.

I was really happy to try the trial pack of Little Rascals Nappies and I loved that they were thin (they remind me of my favourite UK nappy brand) – and they are easy to carry round in my bag for emergencies.  I was so impressed with the trial nappies that I  registered on Little Rascals website straight away and ordered two big boxes – which arrived within 48 hours (I am in Sydney so that probably helps).

The nappies never leaked, and seemed to hold a lot of fluid, and can be worn a long time – well until I have to change due to poos.  I also liked that the tabs never ripped or came off – this has happened with quite a few other nappies, especially when I am wrestling with my toddler, trying to keep her bum down while attaching the nappy.

My next two boxes will arrive in 8 weeks, I found the website really easy to use and its very easy to change the size of nappies and also the amount and delivery time!

You can order your nappies online at Little Rascal Nappies. See what other mums think about Little Rascals Nappies.