Product review: Nosefrida the Snotsucker

If you told me three years ago that I would have given up my semi-glamourous PR job in London to be a stay-at-home mum of two I would have thought you were joking. Three years later I am now just that – a mum of two and the last champagne reception I went to was a baby shower!

They say when you become a mum you will be up to the eyes in nappies and poo. That is true but there are also other nasties to deal with like snot. Call it what you like…bogie, booger, when your child or baby cannot blow it’s own nose snot becomes a problem. It’s not just unsightly to have your child run around with green slime seaping from its nose, it also disturbs sleep. If it disturbs their sleep then it disturbs your sleep. When said child is lying down the snot builds up in the back of their throat and causes conjestion, the natural reflex is to cough it up which normally wakes them. Therefore, you too.



So enter, Nosefrida the Snotsucker, not a character from a story book but a nasal aspirator. It must be the product with the best name ever. Plus, it really does do what it says on the tin. It sucks snot. Well actually you suck the snot. Sounds disgusting. Well it is but this simple device consisting of a tube and a container has a special filter than means the snot doesn’t go into your mouth but collects in the container.

My little girl is at day care two days a week. The biggest downside to daycare is the endless amounts of illness your child picks up. The commonest being the common cold.

It’s hard getting my two-year old to stay still at the best of times so getting her to stay still while I attempt to put a plastic tube up her nose was near impossible. Cue imaginative play. We pretend to play doctors and patients and she actually lies down and lets me place the Snotsucker at the base of her nostril and I sucked… And sucked… And she giggled and giggled. But once the hysterics were over, after a while, the snot did come out. Pretty repulsive concept but it works. The problem with runny noses is that they are pretty relentless so unless you can play doctors all day there is going to be some conjestion but using the snot sucker before nap time and bed time definitely worked and cleared some of the build up.

It definitely works best when the child has very runny snot but supposedly you can drop a few saline drops in the nose to help the flow.

I was reluctant to use it on my 3 month old baby. I guess you are scared to put anything near them but it actually worked better on him as one, he stayed still and two, the conjestion bothered him a lot more.

So ten out of ten for the name and eight out of ten for the product. I would give it a nine if it came with toddler restraints!

Nosefrida the Snotsucker is available to buy online from or
Nasal aspirator: $15.95   Filters: $5.00

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