Peppa Pig Cancer Council sunscreen

My least favourite part about living in Australia is the daily sun block application. My children despise it. no matter what I do, we have a battle every morning.

My four year old doesn’t like it on her face or on her thumb (she sucks her thumb so doesn’t like the taste). But I can do a quick all over application, usually on the door step, and she doth not protest too much. My two year old absolutely hates it. Legs, arms and neck aren’t that easy but face is near impossible. Hat wearing is a bit hit and miss with a two year old so I really like to put sun block on everyday especially on his cheeks and nose. I have tried all sorts of ‘fun’ ways to apply:

  • using my make up brush
  • letting him put it on my face first
  • getting his sister to do it.

But the resounding answer is always the same, No! Followed by a contortion of the body which means his face is entirely buried in his groin. I can’t prise him open again without the force of setting a mouse trap.

The end result is always me loosing my patience, pinning him down, smothering him in cream with him screaming, as undoubtably it goes in his eyes and mouth. Not a pleasant experience for anyone involved, including my neighbours!

So, sing Hallelujah for the day that Peppa Pig teamed up with the Cancer Council to bring us mums sun block branded with every preschoolers’ favourite character.

The sunblock comes in a spray, a roll-on and an attach-to-the pram portable bottle. Each bottle has a picture of Peppa (and/or George). On first sight, my kids reacted really favourably to it, playing with the bottles. They tried spraying, squeezing and rolling. I normally hate gimmicks like this but marketing works on two year olds! A great collaboration to encourage more pre-school and primary school-aged children to use sunscreen to protect their skin.

The cream itself is a nice consistency: not too thick or sticky. It smooths on quickly and absorbs nicely without the need to rub in too much. As it is quite runny then a small bit goes a long way – and you are safe in the knowledge that its Cancer Council SPF 50+ Kids formula – so must be the business!

I am not saying all my problems are solved and it still depends on the mood of the day but Peppa had definitely helped my family in more ways than one.

She has allowed me to have a shower in peace and now she is saving toddler tantrums.

Key Points:

◦ Cancer Council Kids Peppa Pig SPF 50+ Sunscreen is dermatologically tested and developed for delicate skin
◦ The range includes Kids SPF 50+ 50ml Ezi Clip (RRP $9.95), Kids SPF 50+ 75ml Roll On (RRP $10.95) and Kids SPF 50+ 200ml Finger Spray (RRP $14.95)
◦ Available from Coles nationally
◦ For more info please visit