I have yet to find a successful solution to the bike helmet / sun hat dilemma, so I was really pleased to see this simple unique innovation from Australian company Treadley: a slip-on bike helmet cover.

I have seen some adults and kids wearing a hat underneath the helmet but I have never seen an over the top one before. This is exactly what the Treadley hat does, it goes over the helmet.

Designed by a Queensland Mum Treadley Helmet Hats are a fitted cover that goes over an existing bike helmet to provide sun protection.  Endorsed by the Australian Cancer Council, the hats minimise exposure to the face, eyes, ears and back of neck.  Most styles have a UPF50+ rating, to provide little faces with the highest level of sun protection.

The hat comes with instructions but I must say it is a bit fiddly. The instructions advise to put the hat over the helmet and tighten the adjustable elastic to secure it before it goes on your head. Great in theory, but with a two year old, this method creates too much temptation to pull the hat off. My solution was to put the helmet on first and while he is distracted then whip it on, and tighten the hat straps. I have found that he keeps pulling it off and likes to pretend he is spider man and use it as a mask. Although maybe not the best solution for an inquisitive two year old, I love the idea of a helmet that keeps the sun off him, so I am going to persevere. I also think that for an older child (3+) then this will not be a problem. The designs appeal to all age groups and sexes: butterflies, lady birds, lions and dinosaurs. There are also some flames and skateboarder designs for older kids and simple designs adults.